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New Yesbikers Logo

Yesbikers logo needed an update to go with the new structure, so ive put this together.



To understand recursion, first you must understand recursion



A week of coding can save hours of planning.


Test Environment

Everybody has a testing environment. Some people are just lucky enough to have a totally separate environment to run production in.


Nuts poker winter season, so close yet so far

daaaamn, well done mark :)



Munkiepus.com is now available on IPv6, now if only virgin media would get their finger out so that I don't need to use a 6in4 tunnel from home. That would be just fantastic.
ipv6 ready


Nuts Poker champion again

I've won the autumn nuts poker league season at Dianes pool hall again after a really close last game, was down to the final 4 and was anyone's game :)


New yesbikers logo

I've just designed a new logo for the yesbikers.


British Biker Relief Fund

I've just signed up to become a member of the British Biker Relief Fund. http://www.bbrf.co.uk/ A charity that supports motorcyclists and their families across the UK after serious and life changing injuries sustained in a motorcycle road traffic accident.

Only 10 quid a year to join, hope that i'll never need them, very thankful that there are people out there supporting those that do.


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