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Trello co-founder Michael Pryor on pandering to power users, skyrocketing numbers, and the spectre of Microsoft

The Register - 16 min 52 sec ago
Get to 100 million customers, 1% pays $100 a year, and bam! $100m business

Microsoft unveiled its latest crack at getting customers organised last month with Project Moca, but Redmond's scattergun approach to planning tools has left many a little confused. The Register spoke to Trello co-founder Michael Pryor about keeping things simple.…

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FYI: If you're running HP Device Manager, anyone on your network can get admin on your server via backdoor

The Register - 1 hour 2 min ago
Hidden database account discovered, no patches available yet, mitigations offered

HP Device Manager, software that allows IT administrators to manage HP Thin Client devices, comes with a backdoor database user account that undermines network security, a UK-based consultant has warned.…

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It's 2020 so not only is your mouse config tool a Node.JS Electron app, it's also pwnable by an evil webpage

The Register - 1 hour 44 min ago
Malicious JavaScript can inject commands to execute

Earlier this year, peripheral maker Kensington patched its desktop software to close a vulnerability that could have been exploited by malicious websites to quietly hijack victims' computers.…

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Cloudy hardware spending topped cash splashed on conventional data centre kit for first time in Q2, says IDC

The Register - 2 hours 7 min ago
Including private clouds, so let’s not go all ‘On-prem IT is dead’ just yet

Analyst firm IDC has suggested Q2 2020 was a tipping point because it was the first quarter in which sales of IT infrastructure products for cloud environments topped sales for non-cloud infrastructure.…

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So how do you feel about bridging storage and memory to supercharge your data center?

The Register - 2 hours 34 min ago
Join our webcast and experience the Optane™ Effect

Webcast Who’d be a database architect these days. You’ve got more cores than ever crunching data – but that data keeps on growing, and somehow it never seems to move fast enough.…

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Google sees signs of success in its campaign to water down Australian pay-for-news plan

The Register - 3 hours 2 min ago
Regulators apparently sympathetic to calls for revision of arbitration process to set payments

Google appears to be successfully chipping away at Australia’s pay-for-news plan and the "Draft news media bargaining code" in which it is codified .…

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GGNetwork to Introduce Flip Tournaments Next Month

Poker News Daily - 3 hours 19 min ago

Over the last several years, online poker rooms have continued to move toward catering as much as possible to recreational poker players, the kinds of players who play primarily for fun. Oftentimes, “recreational” or “casual” is used as an insult, but there is no need for it to be. Just as there are some players who are pros or serious amateurs whose main goal is to win money, there are others who just enjoy playing poker. I was one of those players. Yes, I wanted to win money, and I might have been slightly better than break even before bonuses, I don’t know, but mostly I just enjoyed the competition and the test of skill. Some casual players, though, live for the thrill of the gamble. And it is that kind of player that the GGNetwork is targeting with its upcoming game rollout: Flip Tournaments.

While the GGNetwork has not provided detail on the offering, looking at the network’s public Trello roadmap, Flip Tournaments have been moved to the “Next Release” column, dated October 30. The description is simply, “Our fast paced ‘Flip tournament’ is coming soon! Fast games, Faster prizes!”

The general consensus in the poker world from other similar games is that Flip Tournaments get their name from the fact that players simply flip over their cards immediately and see who wins. Players are automatically put all-in pre-flop, the cards are turned over, the board is dealt, and that’s it. It could be over in one hand, if it’s a Sit-and-Go. If it’s a multi-table tournament, it will be done in matter of minutes.

All-in shootout tournaments have been a thing for a number of years, but those are generally reserved for freerolls, often as a bonus to award a seat in a big tourney. To have something like that as a regular offering is definitely different.

The purpose of launching Flip Tournaments is to attract that casual player, the one who wants to gamble. It also, however, completely eliminates the skill gap between every single player on the site. Things like “jackpot Sit-and-Go’s,” which are hyper-turbo, three-handed games, narrow the skill gap significantly, as stacks are shallow and decision-making is limited. Recreational players often like those, as they are fast and again, novice players have a better chance against skilled players.

Flip Tournaments, though, are the equivalent of a slot machine or the lottery. There is no skill involved at all. You are at the mercy of the deal and that’s it. We don’t know for sure if this is all that Flip Tournaments will be. The GGNetwork could add some sort of twist to it.

It will be interesting to see if players turn out for Flip Tournaments, as they are most definitely not poker. But for someone who just wants to donk off a few bucks while having a small chance at winning, who knows?

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Prepare your shocked faces: Crypto-coin exchange boss laundered millions of bucks for online auction crooks

The Register - 3 hours 31 min ago
Scumbag found guilty for his role in large-scale cyber-fraud ring

A Bulgarian man has been convicted of laundering through his cryptocurrency exchange at least £4m ($5m) his fellow crooks had cheated out of hundreds of people online.…

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PokerStars Implements Cash Game Active Waiting Lists

Poker News Daily - 4 hours 17 min ago
“Safe and fair experience”

The effort to curb predatory behavior in online poker continues, this time with the implementation of cash game Active Waiting Lists at PokerStars. It is essentially what it sounds like: a cash game waiting list which requires you to be actively playing to stay on it.

In announcing the new feature, PokerStars said, “Our goal is to provide access to what you want when you want it and to ensure an enjoyable, safe and fair experience when you get there.”

“It achieves this goal by making it more difficult for some players to seek out our less experienced or more recreational players,” PokerStars added. “We expect Active Waiting List to have many other positive effects on our community too because it will reduce the time players spend waiting for a seat in a cash game and increase the number of games running, which benefits everyone.”

Must play while you wait

As PokerStars puts it, Active Waiting List works a bit like “must move” cash game tables in live poker rooms. Players can still put themselves on a waiting list for a specific table as always, but to remain on the list, they must actively play on another table of the same type and stakes.

But unlike in a live poker room, it is not necessarily a “first come, first served” when deciding who gets moved from the “waiting” table to their preferred table. Instead, a draw will be held among the players waiting for a seat that came open who are also actively playing, weighted toward the players who got on the list the earliest.

And being “active” at the table while waiting is key. Anyone sitting out will not be part of the draw when a seat comes open.

One of the things I was thinking as I read about Active Waiting Lists might be one of the same things you are wondering: are these separate tables from the rest of the lobby, specially labeled? Is there some reason to think they are any different? The answer to those questions is “no.” They are just regular cash game tables. Anyone can come and go as they please. Some people sitting at the table might be waiting for another game, some might just be there because that’s the table they chose. Heck, some might have been seated there from the Active Waiting List.

Once you leave the “waiting” table, you will also be removed from the Active Waiting List.

Curbing predatory “fishing”

The end result of this will obviously be that “sharks” who want to follow “fish” through the lobby and sit at their tables will have much more difficult time doing so unless there is already a seat open. With the Active Waiting List, not only will those players have to play elsewhere for a while, but there is no guarantee their targeted player will still be at the requested table when the person waiting arrives.

PokerStars concluded: “We understand that people who use waiting lists to hunt weaker players will not be happy with this change, but our intention is to make the online poker lobby a fairer place and to ensure the game’s ongoing health.”

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Singapore Airlines turns A380 into a restaurant, delivers plane food to homes

The Register - 4 hours 20 min ago
As Australia’s Qantas sells off old 747 drinks carts, fully-loaded

Among the odder products of the COVID-19 pandemic are “flights to nowhere” operated by airlines that want to give travelers the chance to experience all the glory of air travel without the hassle of going anywhere.…

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Philippines president threatens Facebook ban after The Social Network™ deleted supportive content

The Register - 5 hours 31 min ago
Congress to probe whether Facebook crimps free speech

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened Facebook with possible expulsion after The Social Network™ deleted posts and groups that support some of his policies and criticised a prominent media foe. Now the nation’s Congress will probe whether the company restricts free speech.…

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It's 2020, so let's just go ahead and let Amazon have everyone's handprints so it can process payments

The Register - 6 hours 35 min ago
Read mine off my forehead, Jeffrey

Amazon is testing out a system that can identify shoppers from their handprints so that they can be later charged for stuff.…

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Atari threatens to hit fourth VCS shipping deadline, provides pictures of boxes as proof of product delivery

The Register - 8 hours 2 min ago
Meanwhile the console’s chief architect is still chasing payment

Atari may finally hit one of its deadlines – its fourth – over its retro VCS games console, three years after the project was launched.…

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Hope no one at SpaceX is superstitious... Next Falcon-powered 'naut trip to the space station is set for Halloween

The Register - Tue, 2020-09-29 23:58
Mystery of the orbiting lab's year-long air leak may be solved at some point, too

The latest batch of astronauts to fly to the International Space Station atop a SpaceX Falcon rocket will have to wait a little longer – after NASA pushed back the launch to October 31.…

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NATO's at risk if you go your own Huawei on 5G, US government warns Germany

The Register - Tue, 2020-09-29 22:47
Undersecretary pays a visit to Berlin, Merkel’s not moving despite pressure

The US government is continuing its crusade against Huawei, with economic undersecretary Keith Krach visiting Berlin to pressure the German government to reconsider banning the company’s kit from its 5G network.…

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Apple, Epic trade barbs in App Store brouhaha while judge pins July for jury time

The Register - Tue, 2020-09-29 22:01
But will Fortnite be allowed back into the walled garden in the meantime?

Lawyers representing Apple and Epic Games appeared in court yesterday via video link as the row over Cupertino's App Store policies rumbles on.…

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Lenovo sheds lockdown pounds with lightweight ThinkPad, reveals pricing for the world's first foldable PC

The Register - Tue, 2020-09-29 21:02
As you can probably guess, neither are cheap

The ThinkPad X1 Nano is the lightest computer to ever carry Lenovo's biz laptop marque, weighing in at 907 grams (or 1.99 pounds).…

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With so many cloud services dependent on it, Azure Active Directory has become a single point of failure for Microsoft

The Register - Tue, 2020-09-29 19:49
Does Redmond have a reliability problem?

Comment Microsoft has fixed an issue with its OneDrive and SharePoint services where users were unable to sign in, caused by a faulty remediation for the earlier Azure Active Directory outage.…

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Plane-tracking site Flight Radar 24 DDoSed... just as drones spotted buzzing over Azerbaijan and Armenia

The Register - Tue, 2020-09-29 18:44
That's one way of poking the world's eyes out for a few hours

Popular plane-tracking website Flight Radar 24 has been the victim of multiple DDoS attacks over the past few days – and though the site's operators haven't attributed blame, some have wondered if a regional conflict may have been the cause.…

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British Army develops AI shotgun drone with machine vision for indoor use

The Register - Tue, 2020-09-29 18:18
2020 just gets better and better

Rise of the Machines The British Army has reportedly developed AI-equipped killer drones armed with twin-linked shotguns designed for blasting enemies of the Queen hiding inside buildings.…

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