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Lords of the DNS remind admins about Flag Day, Juniper likes Watson and more

The Register - 46 min 53 sec ago
PING, PING, PING … it's your networking roundup for the week

Roundup To cure some persistent security, implementation, and performance problems in the Domain Name System, the lords of the DNS have proclaimed older implementations as end of life.…

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Lawyers' secure email network goes down, firm says it'll take two weeks to restore

The Register - 1 hour 26 min ago
And could wipe users' inboxes during that fortnight of faffery

Barristers and court prosecutors have been left scratching their heads this morning after Egress Technologies' CJSM email system went down – with the firm saying it could take up to a fortnight to fully restore it.…

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I used to be a dull John Doe. Thanks to Huawei, I'm now James Bond!

The Register - 2 hours 25 min ago
We'll know for sure when Huawei reveals a shoe-shaped smartphone

Something for the Weekend, Sir? The name's McLeod. Alessandro McLeod. I am a spy for the secret services.…

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At 900k lines of code, ONOS is getting heavy. Can it go on a diet?

The Register - 2 hours 58 min ago
'Net greybeard Douglas Comer talks SDN with El Reg

Interview Software Defined Networking (SDN) has changed the landscape of networking, but along the way it has created its own problems. Doug Comer of Purdue University thinks disaggregating SDN controllers like the Open Source Network Operating System (ONOS) could be a way forward.…

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Are you sure your disc drive has stopped rotating, or are you just ignoring the messages?

The Register - 4 hours 31 min ago
Did this story make you angry? Y/N

On Call Roll up, roll up, to On Call, your weekly instalment of fellow readers’ tech triumphs and frustrations.…

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Watch an AI robot program itself to, er, pick things up and push them around

The Register - 5 hours 18 min ago
Why can't robots just learn to do things without being told?

Vid Robots normally need to be programmed in order to get them to perform a particular task, but they can be coaxed into writing the instructions themselves with the help of machine learning, according to research published in Science.…

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Microsoft blue biz bug bounty bonanza beckons

The Register - 6 hours 28 min ago
Azure DevOps Services invites hackers to test its limits

There's more money to be made from bug hunting in Microsoft code after Redmond announced its 10th active bug hunting reward scheme, the Azure DevOps Bounty Program.…

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Friday fun fact: If Stegosauruses had space telescopes, they wouldn't have seen any rings around Saturn

The Register - 7 hours 38 min ago
Bet you were expecting a rude ring pun here? Well, not today

Saturn’s characteristic rings may only be as old as 100 million years, and thus formed during a time when dinosaurs still roamed on Earth.…

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Old bugs, new bugs, red bugs … yes, it's Oracle mega-update day again

The Register - 9 hours 54 min ago
Out of 284 flaws, 33 are rated critical. Big Red admins have big patches ahead

Oracle admins, here's your first critical patch advisory for 2019, and it's a doozy: a total of 284 vulnerabilities patched across Big Red's product range, and 33 of them are rated “critical”.…

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Got a Drupal-powered website? You may want to get patching now...

The Register - 11 hours 5 min ago
Open-source CMS gets a pair of critical fixes

Drupal has issued a pair of updates to address two security vulnerabilities in its online publishing platform. The vulns are a little esoteric, and will not affect most sites, but it's good to patch just in case you later add functionality that can be exploited.…

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Twitter. Android. Private tweets. Pick two... Account bug unlocked padlocked accounts

The Register - 12 hours 49 min ago
Cock-up went unnoticed for two Olympics, one World Cup, an EU referendum, and a US presidential election

Twitter has fessed up to a flaw in its Android app that, for more than four years, was making twits' private tweets public. The programming blunder has been fixed.…

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Man drives 6,000 miles to prove Uncle Sam's cellphone coverage maps are wrong – and, boy, did he manage it

The Register - Thu, 2019-01-17 23:10
Amazing how a big cash payout focuses the mind

A Vermont state employee drove 6,000 miles in six weeks to prove that the cellular coverage maps from the US government suck – and was wildly successful.…

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FCC: Oh no, deary me. What a shame. Too bad, so sad we can't do net neutrality appeal during the US govt shutdown

The Register - Thu, 2019-01-17 22:02
Not so fast, there, Ajit...

America's broadband watchdog, the FCC, has asked the courts to postpone an appeal against its net neutrality repeal out of "an abundance of caution" due to the partial US government shutdown.…

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David ‘Chino’ Rheem Adds to Stellar Resume, Wins PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event

Poker News Daily - Thu, 2019-01-17 21:30

When the best players in the game today are discussed, his is a name you seldom hear mentioned. You’ll hear about the best Germans – Fedor Holz, Dominik Nitsche, Rainer Kempe, among others – or about Justin Bonomo or Michael Mizrachi here in the U. S. With his victory in the 2019 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event, David ‘Chino’ Rheem has put his name up there with the best active players in the game.

Always Helps to Start at the Top…

Rheem was on the pole position at the start of the final table on Wednesday, holding a massive stack of 7.55 million. Close behind him was one of the “feel good” stories of the 2019 PCA (more on this in a moment) in 67-year old Scott Wellenbach, holding an imposing stack of 6.015 million chips himself. Brian Altman was looking to get into the running for the title with his 4.995 million chips, while Vicent Bosca (2.875 million), Daniel Strelitz (2.355 million) and Pave Veksler (2.035 million) realistically were looking at leveling up for some more cash rather than the title.

The players were a bit tentative in the early action, with the shorter stack defending themselves admirably as Rheem and Wellenbach looked to lengthen their advantage. Very little changed through the first 98 hands of the final table, save for Veksler digging himself out of the basement into the third-place position. On Hand 99, however, everyone in the Atlantis tournament arena woke up with the first elimination of the final table.

Altman had slowly let chips slip through his fingers, watching his stack get down to about 3.2 million. When he found an A♦ 3♦ under the gun, Altman took a stab with a min-raise. Rheem, defending his big blind, woke up with pocket Queens and immediately put out a three bet. Altman, unfortunately, didn’t believe Rheem and moved his stack to the center, which Rheem insta-called. The ten-high board runout with no diamonds didn’t help Altman any as he exited the stage with a sixth-place finish.

After Altman’s departure (and Rheem stacking fresh chips in front of him), the table loosened up and the chips began to fly. Rheem gave out some of those chips, doubling up Bosca when he four-bet shoved Big Slick against Rheem’s A-Q and saw it stand. Rheem, however, stayed around the 10 million chip mark while this flurry was going on as the players behind him tried to catch up.

First was Bosca, who had the best pre-flop with his A-J against Rheem’s 5-3 until the Q-10-3-10-5 board flipped fortunes to ‘Chino’ and eliminated Bosca in fifth place. Then it was Veksler’s turn, with Rheem’s pocket sixes standing over Veksler’s Big Chick (A-Q) to send the Ukrainian out in fourth. Once Wellenbach – who stated before the start of the final table that he was donating all his winnings from this tournament to charity as a part of his Buddhist faith – was eliminated by Rheem, his K-Q catching on the flop but Rheem’s A-10 running him down on the river for a straight, only Strelitz was left to try to derail ‘Chino.’

An Insurmountable Task

Strelitz, facing nearly a 5:1 deficit, fought the good fight but it was eventually too much to overcome. It only took seven hands for Rheem to bring about the end, but it still had some drama to it when it came. On the final hand, Strelitz shoved and Rheem immediately called, his pocket fives ahead of Strelitz’s A♠ 2♠. The K-J-10 flop was about as good as Strelitz could have asked for (short of catching an Ace) as it added the Queens and a double paired board to potential winning outs for Strelitz. The double paired board disappeared on the turn with a trey and, once the river came with a second ten, Strelitz was out in second and Rheem was the champion of the 2019 PCA Main Event.

1. David ‘Chino’ Rheem, $1,567,100
2. Daniel Strelitz, $951,480
3. Scott Wellenbach, $671,240
4. Pavel Veksler, $503,440
5. Vicent Bosca, $396,880
6. Brian Altman, $297,020

This isn’t the first million-dollar tournament on Rheem’s resume. He is a highly decorated three-time champion on the World Poker Tour, was the champion of the first tournament held on the highly controversial Epic Poker League and has 100 tournament cashes on his record. While he hasn’t yet picked up a World Series of Poker bracelet, Rheem has over $10.5 million in tournament poker earnings and is in the Top 50 in all-time tournament poker earnings.

Thus, the 2019 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure has ended. It is only the first salvo in what will be a year-long fight in the tournament poker world, however. Just as soon as the PCA wrapped, action kicked off “Down Under” in Australia for the Aussie Millions. And, while he might be enjoying his PCA title right now, you can be sure that David ‘Chino’ Rheem will be back on the felt very soon, if not in Australia than back in the U. S.

The post David ‘Chino’ Rheem Adds to Stellar Resume, Wins PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event appeared first on Poker News Daily.

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Red Hat gets heebie-jeebies over MongoDB's T&Cs squeeze: NoSQL database dropped from RHEL 8B over license

The Register - Thu, 2019-01-17 21:09
'The Server Side Public License v1 does not meet standards'

MongoDB justified its decision last October to shift the free version of its NoSQL database software, MongoDB Community Server, from the open-source GNU Affero General Public License to the not-quite-so-open Server Side Public License (SSPL) by arguing that cloud providers sell open-source software as a service without giving back.…

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It’s baaack – Microsoft starts pushing out the Windows 10 October 2018 Update

The Register - Thu, 2019-01-17 21:00
Set to update automatically? Say hello to my little friend…

Select Windows 10 devices are now automatically downloading Microsoft’s troubled 1809 update, according to the support page for the operating system.…

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Oxford University reportedly turns off its Huawei money tap

The Register - Thu, 2019-01-17 20:01
No more Chinese tech vendor grants for at least three to six months, compsci students told

Oxford University is reportedly suspending all research grants and donations from Chinese tech giant Huawei, according to a Chinese newspaper.…

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Tech giant to spend $500m dealing with housing crisis caused by tech giants

The Register - Thu, 2019-01-17 19:15
Redmond to throw cash at the problem, hopes some might stick to affordable homes

Microsoft has revealed it is to spank the best part of $500m on attempting to deal with the lack of affordable housing in the Seattle area.…

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Oracle boss prevented from Brexit Britain trip due to US shutdown

The Register - Thu, 2019-01-17 18:15
Mark Hurd confesses: I didn't take my passport – but usually that's not an issue

Forget cyber security or emergency hamburgers – the real impact of the US government shutdown is only just beginning.…

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Top GP: Medical app Your.MD's data security wasn't my remit

The Register - Thu, 2019-01-17 17:15
Prof Maureen Baker told tribunal info security and clinical safety are two separate things

The founders of medical symptom-checker app Your.MD knew that a number of key medical information databases were "open to anyone who knows the URL", emails seen by a London tribunal have revealed.…

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