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Marvell CXL roadmap goes all-in on composable infrastructure

The Register - 1 hour 32 min ago
Chip biz bets interconnect tech will cement its cloud claim, one day

Fresh off the heels of Marvell Technology's Tanzanite acquisition, executives speaking at a JP Morgan event this week offered a glimpse at its compute express link (CXL) roadmap.…

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Microsoft warns partners to revoke unused authorizations that drive <em>your</em> software

The Register - 2 hours 15 min ago
June debut of zero trust GDAP tool should make it harder for crims to attack through MSPs and resellers

Microsoft has advised its reseller community it needs to pay attention to the debut of improve security tooling aimed at making it harder for attackers to worm their way into your systems through partners.…

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State of internet crime in Q1 2022: Bot traffic on the rise, and more

The Register - 3 hours 20 sec ago
According to this cybersecurity outfit that wants your business, anyway

The fraud industry, in some respects, grew in the first quarter of the year, with crooks putting more human resources into some attacks while increasingly relying on bots to carry out things like credential stuffing and fake account creation.…

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Surf the web from your parked Renault: Vivaldi comes to OpenR

The Register - 3 hours 42 min ago
French frolics for Chromium browser on Android Automotive

Browser-maker Vivaldi has added Renault to the list of users for the Android Automotive OS version of its eponymous web renderer.…

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Monero-mining botnet targets Windows, Linux web servers

The Register - 4 hours 33 min ago
Sysrv-K malware infects unpatched tin, Microsoft warns

The latest variant of the Sysrv botnet malware is menacing Windows and Linux systems with an expanded list of vulnerabilities to exploit, according to Microsoft.…

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Red Hat Kubernetes security report finds people are the problem

The Register - 5 hours 3 min ago
Puny human brains baffled by K8s complexity, leading to blunder fears

Kubernetes, despite being widely regarded as an important technology by IT leaders, continues to pose problems for those deploying it. And the problem, apparently, is us.…

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Infosys skips government meeting - and collecting government taxes

The Register - 5 hours 33 min ago
Tax portal wobbles, again

Services giant Infosys has had a difficult week, with one of its flagship projects wobbling and India's government continuing to pressure it over labor practices.…

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Google keeps legacy G Suite alive and free for personal use

The Register - 6 hours 15 min ago

Google has quietly dropped its demand that users of its free G Suite legacy edition cough up to continue enjoying custom email domains and cloudy productivity tools.…

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GNU Compiler Collection adds support for China's LoongArch CPU family

The Register - 7 hours 34 min ago
MIPS...ish is on the march in the Middle Kingdom

Version 12.1 of the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) was released this month, and among its many changes is support for China's LoongArch processor architecture.…

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China’s COVID lockdowns bite e-commerce players

The Register - 9 hours 2 min ago
CEO of e-tail market leader JD perhaps boldly points out wider economic impact of zero-virus stance

The CEO of China’s top e-commerce company, JD, has pointed out the economic impact of China’s current COVID-19 lockdowns - and the news is not good.…

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Foxconn forms JV to build chip fab in Malaysia

The Register - 10 hours 7 min ago
Can't say when, where, nor price tag. Has promised 40k wafers a month at between 28nm and 40nm

Taiwanese contract manufacturer to the stars Foxconn is to build a chip fabrication plant in Malaysia.…

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NASA's InSight doomed as Mars dust coats solar panels

The Register - 11 hours 24 min ago
The little lander that couldn't (any longer)

The Martian InSight lander will no longer be able to function within months as dust continues to pile up on its solar panels, starving it of energy, NASA reported on Tuesday.…

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The ‘substantial contributions’ Intel has promised to boost RISC-V adoption

The Register - Tue, 2022-05-17 23:49
With the benefit of maybe revitalizing the x86 giant’s foundry business

Analysis Here's something that would have seemed outlandish only a few years ago: to help fuel Intel's future growth, the x86 giant has vowed to do what it can to make the open-source RISC-V ISA worthy of widespread adoption.…

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FBI warns of North Korean cyberspies posing as foreign IT workers

The Register - Tue, 2022-05-17 22:58
Looking for tech talent? Kim Jong-un's friendly freelancers, at your service

Pay close attention to that resume before offering that work contract.…

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Elon Musk says Twitter buy 'cannot move forward' until spam stats spat settled

The Register - Tue, 2022-05-17 22:11
A stunning surprise to no one in this Solar System

Elon Musk said his bid to acquire and privatize Twitter "cannot move forward" until the social network proves its claim that fake bot accounts make up less than five per cent of all users.…

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Pentagon opens up about its database of 400 smudges that may or may not be UFOs

The Register - Tue, 2022-05-17 21:07
'We're open to all hypotheses, we're open to any conclusions' says official

A US House of Representatives subcommittee on Tuesday heard from Pentagon officials on reports of and investigations into unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) – a category that encompasses unidentified flying objects (UFO) and saves room for optical illusions, lens flare, smudges in photos, and other possibilities like meteorological events.…

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AMD claims its GPUs beat Nvidia on performance per dollar

The Register - Tue, 2022-05-17 19:36
* Terms, conditions, hardware specs and software may vary – a lot

As a slowdown in PC sales brings down prices for graphics cards, AMD is hoping to win over the market's remaining buyers with a bold, new claim that its latest Radeon cards provide better performance for the dollar than Nvidia's most recent GeForce cards.…

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Google opens the pod doors on Bay View campus

The Register - Tue, 2022-05-17 18:31
A futuristic design won't make people want to come back – just ask Apple

After nearly a decade of planning and five years of construction, Google is cutting the ribbon on its Bay View campus, the first that Google itself designed.…

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Pentester pops open Tesla Model 3 using low-cost Bluetooth module

The Register - Tue, 2022-05-17 16:30
Anything that uses proximity-based BLE is vulnerable, claim researchers

Tesla Model 3 and Y owners, beware: the passive entry feature on your vehicle could potentially be fooled by a new form of relay attack.…

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Google assuring open source code to secure software supply chains

The Register - Tue, 2022-05-17 16:00
Java and Python packages are the first on the list

Google has a plan — and a new product plus a partnership with developer-focused security shop Snyk — that attempts to make it easier for enterprises to secure their open source software dependencies.…

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