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Looking to get complex machine learning models into production? Serverless might be the answer

The Register - Mon, 2021-11-29 07:30
Oh-em-gee, it's only another free web lecture from our MCubed team

Special series An old truism of machine learning states that the more complex and larger a model is, the more accurate the outcome of its predictions – up to a point.…

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It's 2021 and someone's written a new Windows 3.x mouse driver. Why now?

The Register - Mon, 2021-11-29 06:58
For those of you who virtualise Microsoft’s finest and struggle with the pointer, this developer has an answer

Two thousand and twenty-one might not seem the obvious year – or century – to give the world a new mouse driver for Windows 3.1, but a developer named Calvin Buckley has written one nonetheless. His motivation apparently is to ensure rapid and reliable rodent operations when Microsoft's venerable OS runs as a virtual machine.…

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Warning: China planning to swipe a bunch of data soon, so quantum computers can decrypt it later

The Register - Mon, 2021-11-29 06:31
Meanwhile, the Middle Kingdom’s military plans an AI offensive – in the labs and on the field of combat

Tech consultancy Booz Allen Hamilton has warned that China will soon plan the theft of high value data, so it can decrypt it once quantum computers break classical encryption.…

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Indian government warns locals not to use Starlink's internet services

The Register - Mon, 2021-11-29 05:25
If you are going to sell satellite internet subscriptions in India, you Musk get a license, says regulator

The government of India has advised locals not to subscribe to SpaceX’s Starlink Internet service, revealing that it does not have a valid license to operate on the subcontinent.…

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AWS is on the threshold of adulthood, but is nowhere near grown-up

The Register - Mon, 2021-11-29 03:58
The cloudy concern is a prodigy, but early promise is no guarantee of dominance

re:Invent 2021 Heading into Christmas 2005, could you have imagined that 16 years later a new player would have rewritten the rules of how business tech is delivered?…

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Australia will force social networks to identify trolls, so they can be sued for defamation

The Register - Mon, 2021-11-29 01:15
At the same time, will overrule court decision that traditional publishers are liable for comments on social media

Australia's government has announced it will compel social media companies to reveal the identities of users who post material considered defamatory.…

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Chat among yourselves: New EU law may force the big IM platforms to open up

The Register - Fri, 2021-11-26 20:36
Send an iMessage to Facebook, and we'll talk

The European Parliament's new Digital Markets Act, adopted as a draft law this week, could compel big platforms owned by large firms including Apple, Google, and Facebook to make their tech interoperable.…

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Sweden asks EU to ban Bitcoin mining because while hydroelectric power is cheap, they need it for other stuff

The Register - Fri, 2021-11-26 19:32
Lighting and warming homes in winter, or ransoming encrypted files and buying drugs? Hmmm

The directors general of Sweden's Financial Supervisory Authority and Environmental Protection Agency have called upon both the EU and Sweden's government to ban cryptocurrency mining.…

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The rocky road to better Linux software installation: Containers, containers, containers

The Register - Fri, 2021-11-26 17:25
Let's be real: Everyone is trying to catch up with Apple

Analysis Linux cross-platform packaging format Flatpak has come under the spotlight this week, with the "fundamental problems inherent in [its] design" criticised in a withering post by Canadian software dev Nicholas Fraser.…

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EU needs more cybersecurity graduates, says ENISA infosec agency – pointing at growing list of master's degree courses

The Register - Fri, 2021-11-26 16:37
Skills gap needs filling somehow

The EU needs more cybersecurity graduates to plug the political bloc's shortage of skilled infosec bods, according to a report from the ENISA online security agency.…

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Nuclear fusion firm Pulsar fires up a UK-built hybrid rocket engine

The Register - Fri, 2021-11-26 15:20
A win in the rocketry world: 'Flames came out of the right end'

UK nuclear fusion outfit Pulsar Fusion has fired up a chemical rocket engine running on a combination of nitrous oxide oxidiser, high-density polyethylene fuel and oxygen.…

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Bad news for Tencent: Chinese companies steer employees away from Weixin or WeChat

The Register - Fri, 2021-11-26 14:27
Middle Kingdom's internet giant: It's a switch to enterprise apps. Try ours?

Managers of large Chinese state-run companies have told employees to delete, shutdown and discontinue use of Tencent messaging app Weixin for work purposes, citing potential security breaches, according to the Wall Street Journal.…

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The Privacy Sandbox saga continues: UK watchdog extracts more commitments from Google over advertising tech

The Register - Fri, 2021-11-26 13:33
Roll up, roll up. Come and be the CMA-approved trustee to keep an eye on the Chocolate Factory's antics

The torrid tale of Google's Privacy Sandbox took another turn today with the UK's Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) saying it has "secured improved commitments" from the ad giant over the cookie crushing tech.…

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Singapore's DBS bank suffers digital fail – yes, regulatory bodies have noticed

The Register - Fri, 2021-11-26 12:33
Might want to rethink that 'digital to the core' slogan

For three days this week, Singapore bank DBS suffered an intermittent outage, preventing customers accessing online accounts and triggering potential punitive measures by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.…

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Government-favoured child safety app warned it could violate the UK's Investigatory Powers Act with message-scanning tech

The Register - Fri, 2021-11-26 12:23
Redesigned SafeToNet feature highlights tech law mess

A company repeatedly endorsed by ministers backing the UK's Online Safety Bill was warned by its lawyers that its technology could breach the Investigatory Powers Act's ban on unlawful interception of communications, The Register can reveal.…

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Reviving a classic: ThinkPad modder rattles tin to fund new motherboard for 2008's T60 and T61 series of laptops

The Register - Fri, 2021-11-26 11:28
When vendors don't update old models, someone must step up

The range of Thinkpads you can modernise is getting wider. XyTech is trying to crowdfund a new mainboard for the 2008 T60/T61 so fans can upgrade the much-loved noughties laptop.…

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You forced me to use this fancypants app and now you're asking for a printout?

The Register - Fri, 2021-11-26 10:25
'Just take the meds, Mr Sloper, and enjoy your holiday'

Something for the Weekend, Sir? I could just do with some popcorn right now.…

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Swooping in to claim the glory while the On Call engineer stands baffled

The Register - Fri, 2021-11-26 08:31
Backups or crack-ups? Welcome to the world of the IBM System/3

On Call Sometimes you're the one on the phone, and other times you're the one that issued the cry for help. Welcome to a story from the On Call archive where a Register reader turns the tables and claims the glory.…

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India backs away from digital services tax after US pressure

The Register - Fri, 2021-11-26 04:01
Will keep taxing, but consider payments as credits for future global tax regime

India has agreed to wind back the two per cent Equalisation Levy it charges foreign e-commerce companies, and the USA has withdrawn sanctions it imposed to protest the levy.…

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LG Electronics anoints new CEO, elevates exec who grew laptop biz too

The Register - Fri, 2021-11-26 00:58
M&A department elevated in importance, gets more resources

LG Electronics has named its new CEO: William Cho.…

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