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Crypto for cryptographers! Infosec types revolt against use of ancient abbreviation by Bitcoin and NFT devotees

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-23 18:45
Complaints abound that yoof use it to mean 'digital currency'

Infosec must "reclaim" the word crypto from people who trade in Bitcoins and other digital currencies, according to industry veteran Bruce Schneier – and it seems some Reg readers agree.…

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PHP Foundation formed to fund core developers, vows to pay 'market salaries'

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-23 16:55
Scripting language's dependency on two contributors sparks worries about its future

A group of 10 companies is forming a new PHP Foundation, with temporary administrators including PHP founder Rasmus Lerdorf.…

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Alleged Brit SIM-swapper will kill himself if extradited to US for trial, London court told

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-23 16:10
'Exceptional' case involves 100 BTC payoff, judge told

A Briton accused of playing a pivotal role in an $8.5m SIM-swapping attack shouldn't be extradited to the US because he might commit suicide, making his an "exceptional" case, a court was told.…

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Rust dust-up as entire moderation team resigns. Why? They won't really say

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-23 15:24
Welcome to 'The First Rust Governance Crisis'

The Rust language community is in disarray following the resignation of the entire moderation team, citing the "structural unaccountability" of the core team.…

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A bug introduced 6 months ago brought Google's Cloud Load Balancer to its knees

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-23 14:21
Another 30 minutes and there would have been nothing to see

A week after Google suffered a TITSUP*, the gang at Mountain View has published a lengthy post-mortem on what went wrong. It was a known bug in the configuration pipeline.…

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UK data guardian challenges government proposals on automated decision-making

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-23 13:33
Plans to change UK regulations could mean a 'significant departure' from EU law, watchdog says

The UK's National Data Guardian (NDG) has warned the government against watering down individuals' rights to challenge decisions made about them by artificial intelligence.…

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Joint venture: Uber Eats to offer weed orders in Ontario

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-23 12:37
O Cannabis! Meanwhile, ride biz back to court in the UK over driver contracts

Uber Technologies' munchies delivery service, Uber Eats, has set its sights on another growth industry in the Canadian province of Ontario, Reuters reports.…

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Economy class: AWS points set-your-own-cap Fleets service at cloudy desktop apps

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-23 11:45
Do users dream of Elastic fleets?

Amazon made Fleets available for AppStream desktop applications this week, as the prospect of tighter lockdowns and more remote work looms.…

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Patching Windows Server without needing to reboot is a handy feature – but it's only available on Azure

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-23 11:01
Trampolines and Retpoline: Applying patches at the function level

Microsoft has posted details of how its Hotpatching feature applies security patches to Windows Server without requiring a reboot – but although the company said it is working on broader availability, it remains Azure-only.…

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UK Ministry of Justice secures HVAC systems 'protected' by passwordless Wi-Fi after Register tipoff

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-23 10:15
There's a default admin password online too

The Ministry of Justice has secured a set of Wi-Fi access points that potentially gave admin access to industrial control equipment after a tipoff by The Register.…

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UK Test and Trace finding consultant habit hard to break: More contracts go to Deloitte and Accenture

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-23 09:30
New agency in charge, still outsourcing like the clappers

Global IT consultancies Accenture and Deloitte have scooped up nearly £94m in contracts from the UK public health agency after it took charge of the Test and Trace COVID-19 response.…

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Qualcomm kinda spins out Snapdragon – as a brand, not a business

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-23 08:01
Marketing jargon alert: Modernized, streamlined, brand iconography and more prominent fireballs inside

LogoWatch Qualcomm has decided that its Snapdragon silicon can stand on its own as a brand.…

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Infosec bods: After more than a year, Sky gets round to squashing hijacking bug in 6m home broadband routers

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-23 07:31
Plus: DNS cache poisoning again, cops probe property conveyancing group's IT outage, Azure hole addressed, and more

In brief Sky has fixed a flaw in six million of its home broadband routers, and it only took the British broadcaster'n'telecoms giant a year to do so, infosec researchers have said.…

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James Webb Space Telescope gets all shook up – launch delayed again

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-23 06:57
Space agencies have been planning this thing since 1996, so what's four more days?

The European Space Agency has delayed the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope until 22 December so that it can undergo additional testing following an incident that sent unintended vibrations through the observatory.…

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AWS commits to update its own Linux every other year

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-23 05:53
Starting with a release called Amazon Linux 2022 that just hit preview

Amazon Web Services has announced that it will release an updated version of its own Linux every two years, starting with Amazon Linux 2022, which it is previewing now.…

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Fancy being an astronaut but didn't go to uni? Your time may have finally come

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-23 05:05
Japanese space agency wants 'nauts with good eyesight and work experience – no degree required

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) launched an astronaut recruitment drive last week with reduced academic requirements as it seeks to diversify and refresh the nation's corps of space travelers.…

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Microsoft quietly delivers Windows 11 Enterprise VMs for devs

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-23 04:01
Loaded with all the goodies coders need to run wild with new OS, and packaged for four hypervisors

Microsoft has quietly slipped out a test cut of Windows 11 for developers.…

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Indian bank smacks down allegation it exposed 180 million customers' accounts

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-23 01:58
Infosec firm says it found unpatched software, Bank admits Exchange may not have been in the best shape

India's Punjab National Bank has smacked down a security firm's allegation that it exposed personal and financial data of its 180 million customers – but appears to have admitted its Exchange Server implementation wasn't in tip-top shape.…

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China's hypersonic glider didn't just orbit Earth, it 'fired a missile' while at Mach 5

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-23 00:35
Middle Kingdom suggests US is making it all up to justify arms development. As if!

A Chinese hypersonic glider that completed a test flight in July appears to be more sophisticated than first thought. It is reported the aircraft was able to fire a missile while travelling at five times the speed of sound.…

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RISE with AWS? Adidas migrates SAP S/4 HANA to the fluffy white stuff, snubs SAP's lift-and-shift programme

The Register - Mon, 2021-11-22 22:14
Globo sports brand also interested in AWS analytics systems, data lakes and ML tools as part of upgrade

Adidas has opted to upgrade its ERP system to SAP S/4HANA, transferring it to the cloud with AWS rather than using RISE with SAP, the lift-shift-and-transform service launched by the German vendor earlier this year.…

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