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Updated: 1 min 25 sec ago

Complete with keyboard and actual, literal, 'physical' escape key: Apple releases new 16" MacBook Pro

1 hour 16 min ago
Make a notebook, fanbois

A 16-inch MacBook Pro - with a freshly designed keyboard that isn't trashed by dust and includes a "physical" escape key - has landed, but it won't come cheap, costing the same as a modest family holiday or a second hand car.…

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They terrrk err jerrrbs! Vodafone replaces 2,600 roles with '600 bots' in bid to shrink €48bn debt

1 hour 59 min ago
It's happening!

Vodafone has replaced 2,600 roles with "600 bots" as part of a "long-lasting structural opportunity to reduce cost", the company revealed in its half-year results earnings call.…

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TalkTalk keeps results under wraps citing 'advanced negotiations' over FibreNation biz

3 hours 16 min ago
Has it found an investor in £1.5bn venture to build 3 million FTTP connections?

TalkTalk has today delayed its financial results due to "advanced negotiations with interested parties regarding its FibreNation business".…

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Thanks, Brexit. Tesla boss Elon Musk reveals Berlin as location for Euro Gigafactory

4 hours 18 min ago
Was UK really in the running?

'Leccy car baron and space botherer Elon Musk has unveiled a surprising pick of Berlin for the company's European "Gigafactory 4", quickly following up by blabbing to car mag Auto Express that "Brexit had made it too risky to put a Gigafactory in the UK."…

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I've had it with these motherflipping eggs on this motherflipping train

5 hours 16 min ago
Woman fined £1,500 for tirade over commuter's weird brekkie

Eating on the train is no yolk. One woman felt so strongly about it, she's now nursing a £1,500 fine after eggsploding with rage at a fellow commuter for gobbling a hard-boiled pre-chicken on the service from Chelmsford to London Liverpool Street.…

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Redis releases automatic cluster recovery for Kubernetes and RedisInsight GUI tool

6 hours 16 min ago
Also: what's in Redis 6 ... and how to compete with free Redis on public cloud

Interview "Almost every one of our on-prem customers is shifting to K8s," Redis Labs CTO and co-founder Yiftach Shoolman tells The Register.…

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UK Info Commish quietly urged court to swat away 100k Morrisons data breach sueball

7 hours 16 min ago
Supermarket says it's innocent and we don't need more than that, ICO told judges

The UK's Information Commissioner urged the Court of Appeal to side with Morrisons in the supermarket’s battle to avoid liability for the theft and leaking of nearly 100,000 employees’ payroll details – despite her not having read the employees’ legal arguments.…

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Fancy renting your developer environment? Visual Studio goes online

8 hours 16 min ago
Or you could try Gitpod...

Microsoft is offering cloud-hosted developer environments for those using Visual Studio Code or, in private preview, Visual Studio.…

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Londoner accused of accessing National Lottery users' accounts

9 hours 1 min ago
Case to be heard in full next year

A man will appear at Crown court in December to answer charges that he used hacking program Sentry MBA to access and take money from online UK National Lottery gambling accounts.…

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Four go wild for wasm: Corporate quartet come together to build safe WebAssembly sandbox

10 hours 15 min ago
Chipzilla, Mozilla, Fastly, and IBM's red-hatted stepchild plot browser-breakout

On Tuesday Fastly, Intel, Mozilla, and Red Hat teamed up to form the Bytecode Alliance, an industry group intent on making WebAssembly work more consistently and securely outside of web browsers.…

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Astoboffins baffled as Curiosity rover takes larger gasps of oxygen in Martian summers

11 hours 15 min ago
It might be organic life, but more likely chemistry says NASA

A new Martian mystery has left scientists baffled. The oxygen in the planet’s atmosphere seems to rise every spring and summer and fall during autumn and winter, and scientists have no idea why.…

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Replay on-demand online: Can you boost productivity with infrastructure as code?

12 hours 16 min ago
Set your developers free to innovate

Webcast Skilled developers are a valuable asset – so how do you make the most of their time as constant requests and projects compete for their attention?…

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Russian bloke charged in US with running $20 million stolen card-as-a-service online souk

13 hours 15 min ago
Prosecutors say 29 year-old was mastermind of prolific 'Cardplanet' operation

A Russian man was detained at Dulles airport in Washington DC on Monday and charged with running a stolen card trading ring that was responsible for $20m worth of fraud.…

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Section 230 supporters turn on it, its critics rely on it. Up is down, black is white in the crazy world of US law

16 hours 23 min ago
Meanwhile Facebook appears to have shot itself in the foot

Up is down and down is up when it comes to one of the most important, and now controversial, US legal protections for internet companies.…

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Shock! US border cops need 'reasonable suspicion' of a crime before searching your phone, laptop

Tue, 2019-11-12 23:57
Massachusetts judge reminds America of that little thing called the Fourth Amendment

The seizure and search of phones and laptops at the US border is unconstitutional, a judge said Tuesday in a landmark ruling.…

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This November, give thanks for only having one exploited Microsoft flaw for Patch Tues. And four Hyper-V escapes

Tue, 2019-11-12 22:19
Intel joins the fun with monthly releases from Adobe, SAP

Patch Tuesday The November edition of Patch Tuesday has landed with scheduled updates from Microsoft, Adobe, and SAP, along with the debut of a new update calendar from Intel.…

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Facebook iOS app silently turns on your phone camera. Ah, relax – it's just a bug, bruh

Tue, 2019-11-12 21:23
Plus Facebook Pay has launched: why not give them access to your financial data?

Facebook’s iPhone app has a new feature – and one that netizens don’t seem too happy about: it opens the phone’s camera app in the background without your knowledge.…

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Don't trust the Trusted Platform Module – it may leak your VPN server's private key (depending on your configuration)

Tue, 2019-11-12 19:43
You know what they say: Timing is... everything

Trusted Platform Modules, specialized processors or firmware that protect the cryptographic keys used to secure operating systems, are not entirely trustworthy.…

Categories: Technology News

Hey, you've earned it: Huawei chucks workers a £219m bonus for tackling US blacklist

Tue, 2019-11-12 19:00
Take the kids somewhere nice

Huawei - America's favourite bogeyman - is to dish out ¥2bn yuan (£219m) as a reward to employees working their arses off on contingency plans to mitigate the anti-China rhetoric coming from the US government.…

Categories: Technology News

True to its name, Intel ZombieLoad processor attack comes crawling back with new variant

Tue, 2019-11-12 18:02
Boffins say even the latest chips could allow data to be leaked between CPU cores

Intel is once again moving to patch its CPU microcode following the revelation of yet another data-leaking side-channel vulnerability.…

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