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Updated: 10 min 28 sec ago

Facebook apologises after its AI system branded Black people as primates

Mon, 2021-09-06 12:02
Plus: Google Health app for NHS hospitals discontinued, and Tesla under the spotlight

In Brief Facebook has apologized for an "an unacceptable error" after its AI systems asked folks who watched a British video about a Black man if they wanted to view more content on "primates."…

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UK's NHS hands Accenture another £5m to run Test and Trace system for another year

Mon, 2021-09-06 11:29
What happened to transferring £1,000-per-day consultant work to the civil service?

Flying in the face of a commitment to wean itself off consultants, the NHS Test and Trace programme has awarded Accenture a £4.8m contract extension to keep its much-criticised COVID-19 Test and Trace system up and running for another year.…

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Spraying a boot error up the bathroom wall

Mon, 2021-09-06 10:47
Taking the Pis in Paris

Bork!Bork!Bork! It is time for le Bork de Paris today as the curse of the cock-up fairy spreads beyond the shores of the UK to blight the Pis of France.…

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When the bits hit the fan: What to do when ransomware strikes

Mon, 2021-09-06 10:01
Don't trust the insurer's techies, take the blame and other practical tips

Feature When I first became a company chief techie, the finance director patronisingly explained the basic asymmetry of prevention vs cure. Spending money on assets to stop an attack come out of capex, but spending after the disaster would be up to the insurer, with premiums deducted out of opex. Also, prevention costs reduced current bonuses.…

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Docker’s cash conundrum is becoming a bet on a very different future

Mon, 2021-09-06 08:30
Tiers of a clown – or the early days of a better service model?

Opinion Docker has a problem: too few whales. Its user demographic is hugely skewed to free plan subscribers, while heavier users (meaning corporate customers) are too thin on the ground to generate enough money through their paid-for tiers.…

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China's biggest chipmaker to build colossal chip factory

Mon, 2021-09-06 07:58
SMIC's 28nm colossus won't get China closer to self-sufficiency in stuff it buys from Intel and AMD, will help in other ways

China's largest chipmaker, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), has announced it will spend $8.87 billion on a new fabrication facility that will become China's largest such facility used for products other than memory.…

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A practical demonstration of the difference between 'resilient' and 'redundant'

Mon, 2021-09-06 07:34
Bump and grind in the server racks

Who, Me? Monday is upon us, and with it comes a cautionary tale of how one Register reader's overconfidence led to his undoing, thanks to an unexpected interfacing with a belt buckle, in today's edition of Who, Me?

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BRICS bloc deepens collaboration on e-commerce and selling services across borders

Mon, 2021-09-06 06:57
Good news for consumers, exporters, and outsourcers

The BRICS nations – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa – have agreed to smooth the path for e-commerce and trade in services.…

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VMware shreds planned support for 'cheese grater' Mac Pro

Mon, 2021-09-06 03:57
Sorry, vAdmins, you probably don't have an excuse to buy Apple's $699 wheels

VMware has announced something a little odd: it won't ever support ESXi running on Apple's 2019 Mac Pro.…

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Indonesian President's COVID jab cert leaks – authorities argue that's perfectly reasonable

Mon, 2021-09-06 01:53
It's not as if politicians' birthdays aren't well known, and they get jabbed on live TV

Indonesian authorities have admitted that the COVID-19 vaccination certificate of the nation's President has circulated online and tried to explain that it's an indication of admirable transparency, rather than lamentable security.…

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Virginia school board learns a hard lesson... and other stories

Sun, 2021-09-05 08:15
A confluence of recent confusion from around the world that you may have missed

ROUNDUP Welcome to this week's gallimaufry of gaucheness, as we present a selection of daft stories to make you glad that you're not that person.…

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Only 'natural persons' can be recognized as patent inventors, not AI systems, US judge rules

Sat, 2021-09-04 10:28
This isn't over says man pushing for neural networks' rights

AI systems cannot be granted patents and will not be recognised as inventors in the eyes of the US law, said a federal judge who decided to uphold a previous ruling by the US Patent and Trademark Office this week.…

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Norwegian student tracks Bluetooth headset wearers by wardriving around Oslo on a bicycle

Sat, 2021-09-04 07:09
Address randomisation not implemented on some, it seems

A Norwegian student who went wardriving around Oslo on a pushbike has discovered that several popular models of Bluetooth headphones don't implement MAC address randomisation – meaning they can be used to track their wearers.…

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Software piracy pushes companies to be more competitive, study finds

Sat, 2021-09-04 00:27
So, do copy that floppy?

Software piracy, long a source of anxiety among app makers and large software companies, may have some beneficial effects.…

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Lenovo pops up tips on its tablets. And by tips, Lenovo means: Unacceptable ads

Fri, 2021-09-03 22:32
Amid customer fury, PC maker says it has 'no plans to add any further push notifications' to its stealth adware

Lenovo has come under fire for the Tips application on its tablets, which has been likened to indelible adware that forces folks to view ads.…

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Alpha adds to tally of exploding rockets, takes out space sail prototype with it

Fri, 2021-09-03 21:34
Firefly Aerospace rounds out a wobbly week for rocket fanciers

Video The sudden and explosive end of Firefly Aerospace's first test flight of its Alpha rocket rounded out a hat-trick of woe for rocket fans this week.…

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Apple stalls CSAM auto-scan on devices after 'feedback' from everyone on Earth

Fri, 2021-09-03 20:48
Critics celebrate reconsideration of 'spyPhone' regime

Apple on Friday said it intends to delay the introduction of its plan to commandeer customers' own devices to scan their iCloud-bound photos for illegal child exploitation imagery, a concession to the broad backlash that followed from the initiative.…

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