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Updated: 24 min 43 sec ago

Microsoft to beef up security portfolio with reported half-billion-dollar RiskIQ buyout

Tue, 2021-07-13 12:15
Imagine how many Print Spooler testers that would have bought

Microsoft has loosened the purse strings once again with a substantial purchase in the form of security outfit RiskIQ.…

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NHS contracts for document storage, digitisation three years after paperless deadline

Tue, 2021-07-13 11:30
£200m tender is latest step in never-ending journey toward a paperless utopia

The NHS has awarded 17 suppliers a seat on a public sector framework worth up to £200m for paper document storage and digitisation, three years after it missed a self-imposed deadline of going paperless.…

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Researchers warn of unpatched remote code execution flaws in Schneider Electric industrial gear

Tue, 2021-07-13 10:45
ModiPwn attack gives full control over Modicon programmable logic controllers

Armis security researchers have warned of severe and unpatched remote code execution vulnerabilities in Schneider Electric's programmable logic controllers (PLCs), allowing attackers to take control of a variety of industrial systems.…

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Paper Tiger Lake? El Reg gets its talons on the first i7 Honor MagicBook 14

Tue, 2021-07-13 10:00
Impressive Intel-powered ultrabook has plenty going for it

Review In November, Huawei bid farewell to Honor, its youth-focused brand that spanned mobile, PC, and wearables.…

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We're terrified of sharing information, but the benefits of talking about IT and infosec outweigh the negatives

Tue, 2021-07-13 09:15
You may find that gaffe isn't so embarrassing after all

Feature When something bad happens to our systems, our applications or our security, it's almost certain that our organisation is not the first it has happened to. We won't be the first in the world, or in our industry, or in our country, or probably even in our area. Why, then, does it feel like we are?…

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Who needs 'Bliss' in Teams when you can have the real thing on a Bristol bus?

Tue, 2021-07-13 08:30
If it ever escapes the boot loop, that is

Bork!Bork!Bork! Microsoft has recently taken to inflicting its greatest hits on users in the form of Teams backgrounds, which seem to serve no purposes other than reminding us that things were a bit better in the old days. Before Windows 10, before Microsoft 365, and before the company tried to ram subscriptions down our throats.…

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Google killed Drive in 2017 and replaced it with two apps. Now it’s killing those, and Drive is returning

Tue, 2021-07-13 07:36
Sync'n'store users have forced migration to conduct within 80 days – enjoy yourselves, Workspaces admins!

Users of Google’s desktop cloud storage app "Backup and Sync" have 80 days to sort out the client they use to sync data into the G-Cloud.…

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Biden takes another step to discard Trump-era Chinese social media app ban

Tue, 2021-07-13 07:01
Seeks end to TikTok ban appeal, but this by no means ends US/China worries about citizen data

The Biden administration has tried to reverse the Trump administration’s bans on Chinese social media apps.…

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Kaseya restores SaaS, then "performance issues" force a do-over

Tue, 2021-07-13 05:57
What’s another 20 minutes of sudden unplanned downtime between friends?

Kaseya has fully restored its SaaS services, then quickly inflicted a little more unplanned downtime on users.…

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XCP-NG project teases DPU-as-a-Service on Scaleway cloud

Tue, 2021-07-13 04:32
Open-source revival of Xen Server will target hardware from fabless French manycore kit-maker Kalray

Vates, the company behind the open-source XCP-NG project that revived of the Xen Cloud Platform and Xen server, has decided to build a product to run on Data Processing Units, aka SmartNICs.…

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Lenovo says it’s crammed a workstation into a litre of space – less than three cans of beer

Tue, 2021-07-13 02:58
Can a Core i9 machine be a workstation? If you think not, Lenovo also has tiny Xeons

Lenovo has given the world a workstation that occupies less than one litre of space – less than three cans of beer – an impressive feat if you think a Core i9 processor qualifies as a workstation.…

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Twitter U-turns after conferring society's highest honor – a blue check mark – on very obvious bot accounts

Tue, 2021-07-13 01:36
Inside job? Gamed AI? Human error? Social network says it made a mistake

Twitter verified a bunch of bot accounts, granting them coveted blue check marks, and then reversed the decision, admitting it made a mistake.…

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Amazon gets green light from FCC to use 60GHz radar to monitor your sleep pattern

Tue, 2021-07-13 00:32
Every breath you take, every move you make ...

The FCC has granted Amazon permission to use 60GHz radar in some future device to monitor people’s sleeping habits and sense gesture commands.…

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As Europe hopes to double its share of global chip production, Intel comes along with $20bn, plans for fabs

Mon, 2021-07-12 22:50
France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands ... but not Brexit Britain?

Intel is planning to spend as much as $20bn on building a couple of chip manufacturing plants in Europe, with more in the works.…

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With a straight face, Putin agrees to do something about ransomware coming out of Russia, apparently

Mon, 2021-07-12 21:23
Plus: Beware bogus crypto-mining phone apps, and more

In brief Late last week, President Biden said he brought up the epidemic of ransomware hitting American businesses in a phone call with his Russian counterpart, and hinted America may start hitting back.…

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