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Updated: 38 min 14 sec ago

Chrome release cycle accelerated to four-weekly frenzy

Fri, 2021-03-05 05:58
Faster, Sysadmin! Install! Install!

The Chromium crew has revved its engines and decided it will soon emit a new stable release every four weeks and create a new type of release for those who are built for comfort rather than speed.…

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Biden administration labels China top tech threat, promises proportionate responses to cyberattacks

Fri, 2021-03-05 05:02
Tech visa reform pledged, alongside diplomacy to write new rules for tech

The Biden administration has named China as the most threatening nation the United States faces, on grounds that it can combine its technological and other capabilities like no other.…

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PayPal says developer productivity jumped 30% during the COVID-19 plague

Fri, 2021-03-05 02:54
Despite perils of 500PB data trove, 'microservices abuse' and need to rapidly bring Asian tech to the world

PayPal says it managed to deliver 30 per cent more features than usual during 2020, a year in which its teams worked from home.…

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Self-supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server virty users see stealth inflation

Fri, 2021-03-05 01:52
Software remains pretty much the same... but at twice the price

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server has maintained the same starting price over the past few years. Now, changes to the way the software is licensed have doubled the cost for some self-support customers using virtual machines.…

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AdGuard names 6,000+ web trackers that use CNAME chicanery: Feel free to feed them into your browser's filter

Thu, 2021-03-04 21:18
Assuming your content blocker can scrutinize DNS

AdGuard on Thursday published a list of more than 6,000 CNAME-based trackers so they can be incorporated into content-blocking filters.…

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Prime suspect: Amazon India apologises for offensive scenes in political thriller

Thu, 2021-03-04 19:17
Charges filed against head of content as cast and crew apply for 'anticipatory bail'

Amazon Prime India has issued a rare-for-Big-Tech apology for material deemed offensive in Bezos's streaming arm's political thriller, Tandav and legal writs fly.…

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Hot DRAM: Shortage of memory chips will continue this year, says Micron

Thu, 2021-03-04 18:28
Good news for memory makers, not such great news for wider tech world

US memory maker Micron Technology expects the chronic shortage of DRAM in the market to continue throughout this year, according to senior veep and CFO David Zinsner.…

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US consumer protection bureau goes after tech support scammers' alleged payments processor

Thu, 2021-03-04 17:34
Hit the organ-grinder, not just the monkey

US payments processing biz Brightspeed Solutions and its founder have been accused of handling $63m on behalf of tech support scammers who preyed on the elderly and less technically adept while posing as reps of Microsoft and Symantec.…

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'Major update': Microsoft snips the life support lines for its Delve mobile apps

Thu, 2021-03-04 16:56
Come to Outlook Mobile. The water's lovely

Microsoft issued a reminder during its Ignite shindig this week that for every shiny new service it launches, it nudges an older one aside once the lustre has worn off.…

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Blizzard brain: Snowflake doubles revenue. Market takes a look, goes slushy

Thu, 2021-03-04 16:08
High-growth hungry investors worrying you? Try hyperscalers!

Snowflake has more than doubled its annual revenue in the last year but investors seem unimpressed with the $33bn IPO company's efforts.…

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The world's first Apple Silicon iMac is actually a Mac Mini

Thu, 2021-03-04 15:20
Bit of a pain switching the thing on, but you can't have everything

Unwilling to wait the few months until the launch of the first Apple Silicon iMac, a popular retro computing vlogger has retrofitted a 2011 27-inch model with the innards of the latest M1 Mac Mini. And it worked. Sort of.…

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Ever wondered why the big beasts in software all suddenly slapped an 'I heart open-source' badge on?

Thu, 2021-03-04 14:35
Red Hat's State of Enterprise Open Source might have an answer

A shift within the enterprise to open source is gathering pace due less to total cost of ownership and more to innovations around infrastructure and container technologies, according to a new report.…

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Like a challenge in a high profile 'face-of-IT' role? Welcome to the Home Office

Thu, 2021-03-04 13:20
Talk about a hostile environment... It's £70k+ but you'll really sweat for it

For the brave – or perhaps foolhardy – senior IT jobs hunters there is an opening at the UK Home Office for a Deputy Director of IT Operations in a lovely '70s era highrise in Croydon.…

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Extended lockdowns to fuel 'strongest growth on record' for PCs into EMEA for Q1

Thu, 2021-03-04 12:35
Partly chalked up to someone applying a plunger to the supply chain blockage

The prospect of a return to office-based work as vaccinations increase has done nothing to dampen PC demand, with IDC forecasting double-digit growth for traditional consumer and business computing devices in Q1.…

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Royal Navy and Airforce get low-code bridge in UK military recruitment saga

Thu, 2021-03-04 11:28
We don't want to take 'first past the post' candidates, says contract award notice. Ahem

Perhaps learning from the not-insignificant errors attributed to the Army’s efforts at recruitment IT, the UK’s Navy and Airforce have decided to farm out development of their systems with the award of a £9.5m contract to low-code software specialist Pega Systems.…

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Boeing successfully flies unmanned autonomous military 'wingman' aircraft, may become the pilot's buddy

Thu, 2021-03-04 10:27
First test flight saw drone take off, follow orders, land by AI control

Boeing this week successfully completed its first official test flight of its autonomous uncrewed military airplane.…

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Upgrade from .NET Framework to .NET 5 can be hard. New official tool may help... slightly

Thu, 2021-03-04 09:30
'This tool is not supported in any way. Nobody will be on the hook for fixing any issues with it'

Ignite Microsoft has previewed a new upgrade assistant to help developers port .NET Framework applications to .NET 5.0, but it is a long way from a complete solution.…

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Deno 1.8: Node.js alternative gets 'out of the box GPU accelerated machine learning'

Thu, 2021-03-04 08:36
JavaScript could usurp Python for mathematical programming, claims Deno team

The Deno project has released version 1.8, including experimental support for the WebGPU API enabling "out-of-the-box GPU accelerated machine learning."…

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Would you let users vouch for unknown software's safety with an upvote? Google does

Thu, 2021-03-04 07:55
And so can you, because its vote-for-code tools are now on GitHub

POLL Google has revealed that its internal anti-malware tools include a “social voting” scheme that lets staff vouch for code they want to install won’t do any damage.…

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Chancellor launches £500m business software subsidy in the UK

Thu, 2021-03-04 07:17
UK targets 100,000 small businesses with up to £5,000 for 'approved' software

The UK government is promising to subsidise new software investment by small and medium-sized enterprises by up to 50 per cent, or a maximum value of £5,000.…

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