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Make-me-admin holes found in Windows, Linux kernel

Wed, 2021-07-21 01:55
Patches available for priv-esc bug in the open-source software, at least

Move over, PrintNightmare. Microsoft has another privilege-escalation hole in Windows that can be potentially exploited by rogue users and malware to gain admin-level powers.…

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Journo who went to prison for 2 years for breaking US cyber-security law is jailed again

Tue, 2021-07-20 23:56
Deletion of employer's YouTube account deemed violation of release

Former journalist Matthew Keys, who served two years in prison for posting his Tribune Company content management system credentials online a decade ago in violation of America's Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, has been ordered back to prison for violating the terms of his supervised release.…

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Apple delays recalling staff to offices until October as Delta variant romps across US

Tue, 2021-07-20 22:57
Twitter, Salesforce, Google, Microsoft have reopened, kind of

Apple has pushed back the reopening of its offices to October, allowing staff to work from home for an extra month as coronavirus cases increase across the US.…

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Open-source dev and critic of Beijing claims Audacity owner Muse threatened him with deportation to China in row over copyright

Tue, 2021-07-20 21:24
'Who knows how he may be received...'

Audacity's new owner Muse Group has been accused of threatening to land a developer in legal hot water, a move that could result in the programmer being forced to return to China to face a government of which he has been a vocal critic.…

Categories: Technology News's Huawei watchdog says firm made 'no overall improvement' on firmware security but won't say why

Tue, 2021-07-20 17:09
HCSEC board's 2020 report filled with pats on back for Chinese biz

Huawei has made "no overall improvement" in software engineering processes for its UK telecoms equipment's firmware, its GCHQ overseers have warned.…

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Lawn care SWAT team subdues trigger-happy Texan... and other stories

Tue, 2021-07-20 16:16
A crunchy compendium of strangeness from around the globe

Roundup We at The Register are constantly on the lookout for important technology and science news to bring you, our smart, funny and data-hungry readers, because we know you need to be kept up to date.…

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Pfizer saved millions by shifting cold data into the cloud. Could you do the same?

Tue, 2021-07-20 15:33
Head this way to find out

Promo IT directors face two major headaches with historic data. They know that they could free up valuable, on-prem, high-performance storage by migrating cold data into the cloud. But they also worry this could cause access problems should some of it could become “hot” again in the future.…

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Good news: Jeff Bezos went to space. Bad news: He's back

Tue, 2021-07-20 15:03
Baldly going where beardy has gone before, except a bit higher

Wally Funk has finally gone to space, accompanied by the Bezos bros and Oliver Daemen aboard Blue Origin's sub-orbital New Shepard.…

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Fortinet's security appliances hit by remote code execution vulnerability

Tue, 2021-07-20 14:30
Cure worse than the disease for anyone with the 'fgfmsd' daemon activated

Security appliance slinger Fortinet has warned of a critical vulnerability in its own FortiGate products which can be exploited to allow unauthenticated attackers full control over the target system - providing a particular daemon is enabled.…

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Ubuntu on a phone, anyone? UBports reaches 18th stable update, but it's still based on 16.04

Tue, 2021-07-20 13:48
Improving the Google-free mobile OS has proven to be an uphill struggle

UBports, which took on the task of maintaining the Ubuntu Touch mobile OS after Canonical abandoned it, has released OTA-18 with lots of improvements, but still based on the ancient Ubuntu 16.04.…

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UK's Digital Markets Unit – the Big Tech watchdog – remains toothless for now but statutory powers due this year

Tue, 2021-07-20 13:03
Better get a wiggle on because the work is stacking up, those potentially massive fines won't write themselves

Tech giants such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google face fines of up to 10 per cent of turnover if they're found to be in serious breach of new regulations being considered by the UK government.…

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Northern Train's ticketing system out to lunch as ransomware attack shuts down servers

Tue, 2021-07-20 12:33
£17m on shiny new Flowbird touchscreen kiosks well spent, apparently

Publicly owned rail operator Northern Trains has an excuse somewhat more technical than "leaves on the line" for its latest service disruption: a ransomware attack that has left its self-service ticketing booths out for the count.…

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Verified: launching plans for yet another digital identity scheme

Tue, 2021-07-20 12:01
Because Verify was roaring success and cos digi ID will 'reduce cases of online fraud'. Ahem

The UK government is launching proposals to boost the legal status of digital identities, something it claims will ensure they are trusted as much as physical documents such as passports.…

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England's controversial extraction of personal medical histories from GP systems is delayed for a second time

Tue, 2021-07-20 11:31
Doctors wrote to UK government saying they would refuse to hand over data

NHS Digital has again delayed plans for what has been called the biggest data grab in NHS history, introducing new caveats to the extraction of personal medical information. No new implementation date as been set.…

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US legal eagles representing Apple, IBM, and more take 5 months to inform clients of ransomware data breach

Tue, 2021-07-20 10:45
Those affected get free protection services – but only if their Social Security numbers were exposed

Law firm Campbell Conroy & O'Neil has warned of a breach from late February which may have exposed data from the company's lengthy client list of big-name corporations including Apple and IBM.…

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Our Friends Electric: A pair of alternative options for getting around town

Tue, 2021-07-20 10:01
The Register rakes a talon over next year's battery-powered jalopies

As traditional car makers seek to make electric vehicles that won't scare off the buyers, others are taking a slightly different path. Enter Triggo and Microlino.…

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We clock what you're trying to do here: El Reg strokes a claw across the OnePlus 9 Pro

Tue, 2021-07-20 09:15
Some like it hot and some sweat when the heat is on

Review OnePlus has been under fire in recent weeks over benchmark tests that appeared to throttle real-world performance of the OnePlus 9 series, dividing fans who think a fullbore Snapdragon 888 might be overegging the pudding for most use cases and others who like to run a hotter handset.…

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Tomorrow's wireless world will be fatter, faster, and creepier

Tue, 2021-07-20 08:30
Video didn't kill the radio star – it made it stronger than ever

Feature With demand for airborne bandwidth at an all-time high, thanks to ever-flashier streaming and our new Zoomified lifestyles, researchers, standards bodies, and equipment makers are keen to push on and create more capable radio systems.…

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Booming balance sheets for India's big four outsourcers after horrible quarter at home

Tue, 2021-07-20 07:57
Hiring sprees planned to keep up with demand across many sectors and around the world

India's big four IT services providers – HCL, Infosys, Tata Consulting Services, and Wipro – have all come through the country's savage second wave of COVID-19 with impressive financial results and huge appetites for hiring new talent.…

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Ad tech ruined the web – and PDF files are here to save it, allegedly

Tue, 2021-07-20 07:25
One publisher's attempt to roll the internet back to a more innocent time

In January, an online publisher launched a website called Lab 6 that serves its content as a PDF to protest the state of the modern web, and has caused quite a stir.…

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