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'Father of the Xbox' Seamus Blackley issues Twitter apology to AMD over last-minute switch to Intel CPUs

Thu, 2021-10-14 11:30
AMD had the last laugh – their kit is in both PlayStation and Xbox these days

One of the developers of the original Xbox has apologised for jilting AMD at the altar ahead of the games console's launch 20 years ago.…

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Sharing medical records with researchers: Assumed consent works in theory – just not yet in practice

Thu, 2021-10-14 10:45
The UK shows us how not to run an opt-out approach

Register Debate Welcome to the latest Register Debate in which writers and experts go head to head on technology topics, and you – the reader – choose the winning argument. The format is simple: we propose a motion, the arguments for the motion will run this Monday and Wednesday, and the arguments against on Tuesday and Thursday.

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As UK-based Civo's Kubernetes service goes live, boss claims the big cloud rivals are overpriced

Thu, 2021-10-14 10:01
'There's a misconception in the industry that hyperscalers are cheap'

Interview Civo, a cloud provider based in Hertfordshire, has made its flavour of K3s Kubernetes generally available, with the claim that a usable cluster can be fired up in 90 seconds.…

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Mind your Ps and queues: Bork makes a visit to the A&E

Thu, 2021-10-14 09:15
Thanks Windows! Now this is the kind of hospital data-sharing we like to see...

Bork!Bork!Bork! There may be no better place for Windows to seek comfort in desperate times than the UK's National Health Service (NHS) – and sure enough a good old fashioned blue screen of death has popped up an A&E waiting room.…

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LAN cables can be sniffed to reveal network traffic with a $30 setup, says researcher

Thu, 2021-10-14 08:30
What's a long length of electrical wire? A transmitter, of course

An Israeli researcher has demonstrated that LAN cables' radio frequency emissions can be read by using a $30 off-the-shelf setup, potentially opening the door to fully developed cable-sniffing attacks.…

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Google adds VM support to Anthos, admits not everyone is ready for containerised everything

Thu, 2021-10-14 08:03
VMware will love this – it works by connecting to vSphere or by managing VMs with Anthos

Google has added support for workloads running in virtual machines to its Anthos hybrid Kubernetes platform.…

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Acer expands its antimicrobial PC offerings – with caveat they may not offer any protection

Thu, 2021-10-14 06:58
Because digital viruses aren't the only ones we're worried about right now

With both Windows 11 and a new generation of Intel silicon upon us, big PC-makers are unveiling this year's models.…

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US invites friends to multilateral cybersecurity meetings – Russia and China strangely absent

Thu, 2021-10-14 05:58
Perps not welcome at anti-ransomware gabfest that Biden admin would rather portray as bold infosec alliance

The United States has kicked off meetings attended by representatives of nations that all hope to address the scourge of ransomware – without Russia or China in the room.…

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Ad-blocking browser extension actually adds ads, say Imperva researchers

Thu, 2021-10-14 04:02
Oi, Google: how did this get past your review process? And Imperva: why does your web page offer to install software?

Security vendor Imperva’s research labs have found a browser extension that claims to block ads, but actually injects them into Chrome or Opera.…

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Indian government promises One Portal To Rule Them all in support of colossal infrastructure build

Thu, 2021-10-14 02:31
What could possibly go wrong on a project with vast scope, many stakeholders with different agendas, and an assumption of prompt data sharing?

India's government yesterday announced a massive new wave of infrastructure investment, and a portal it says will ensure co-ordination among multiple government departments so that new builds avoid overlap with other plans and contribute to a national modernisation drive.…

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Apple warns sideloading iOS apps will ruin everything

Thu, 2021-10-14 01:03
Opening the iOS ecosystem to competition would harm security and privacy, company says

Analysis Apple, besieged by regulators and rivals challenging its exclusive control over its iOS App Store, has published a 31-page defense of its ostensibly benevolent monopoly that warns of disastrous consequences if Cupertino is forced to allow competition.…

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Former Intel AI boss Naveen Rao is now counting the cost of machine learning, literally

Thu, 2021-10-14 00:40
MosaicMLdelving into the details

A former head of artificial intelligence products at Intel has started a company to help companies cut overhead costs on AI systems.…

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Report: Apple short of 10 million iPhone 13s this year due to ongoing chip shortage

Wed, 2021-10-13 23:58
Broadcomm,Texas Instruments, and more buckling under supply crisis

Apple may be short of hitting its annual iPhone 13 handset production target by ten million units due to current global chip shortages.…

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Amazon India accused of copying merchant products and juicing search results to sell its own knockoffs

Wed, 2021-10-13 22:01
Report claims documents show employees abusing access

When asked in July, 2020, by US Representative Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) whether Amazon ever mined data from its third-party vendors to launch competing products, founder and then CEO Jeff Bezos said he couldn't answer "yes" or "no," but insisted Amazon had rules disallowing the practice.…

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AlmaLinux Foundation chair says he stepped down to highlight value of community status

Wed, 2021-10-13 21:16
Close ties with CloudLinux remain, including former chair as 'guest attendee' at board meetings

Igor Seletskiy, the founder of the AlmaLinux distro created in December 2020 as an alternative to CentOS, has explained that he stepped down as chair of the AlmaLinux Foundation in an effort to strengthen its community status - though his company still dominates the board.…

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Shatner breaks the age barrier, goes where no nonagenarian has gone before with Blue Origin rocket trip

Wed, 2021-10-13 20:33
Gives classic monologue upon landing

Four travelers successfully flew to the edge of space and back on Blue Origin’s second commercial spaceflight including William Shatner, making the 90-year-old Star Trek actor the oldest person to leave Earth yet.…

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Judge in UK rules Amazon Ring doorbell audio recordings breach data protection laws

Wed, 2021-10-13 20:03
Relax, this isn't a binding precedent - but it puts down a marker

A judge in England has ruled that an Amazon Ring doorbell's functions broke the Data Protection Act after a neighbour dispute, over claims of a gang of armed robbers trying to steal an Audi, ended up in court.…

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Electric car makers ready to jump into battery recycling amid stuttering supply chains

Wed, 2021-10-13 19:17
It's better to get lithium from used batteries than from the ground, says Elon Musk

Car makers are electrifying fleets at such a pace that battery makers can't keep up. So Tesla, GM, Ford and others are investing in battery recycling to cut costs and mitigate risks posed by an erratic international supply chain.…

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James Webb Space Telescope completes its voyage to French Guiana

Wed, 2021-10-13 17:30
Only a million or so miles to go

The multinational James Webb Space Telescope – named after a former NASA administrator – has arrived in French Guiana, home to Europe's Spaceport, with launch finally in sight.…

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Is that a meteorite crashing to Earth? No, it's Chromebook makers coming back to reality

Wed, 2021-10-13 16:45
US market – where 70% Chromies are sold – nears saturation

The march of the Chromebook looks to be over for now, at least in the United States, as consumers and students had their fill during the pandemic and are now buying far fewer machines.…

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