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Header aches in Firefox, Tor, Brave and Chrome as HTTP opens new security holes

Tue, 2019-08-13 10:11
Alternative Services spec bungled by browser makers

The HTTP Alternative Services header can be abused to conduct network reconnaissance and attacks, to bypass malware protection services, and to foil tracking defenses and privacy assumptions, according to a paper scheduled to be presented at the WOOT '19 security conference on Tuesday.…

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Researchers peer into crystal ball to see future where everyone's ID is tied to their smartphone

Tue, 2019-08-13 09:02
Big Brother rang...

New research suggests almost 40 per cent of people will have some sort of unique mobile identifier service by 2024.…

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All roads in US cable biz GTT's Brit network seem to lead to Menwith Hill

Tue, 2019-08-13 08:04
You know, the US spy station with the golf balls

A curious thing happens when you look at a map of fibre-optic cables – most of the UK section of American cable operator GTT's network appears to link the NSA spy station at Menwith Hill in Yorkshire with continental Europe.…

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It's a God-awful smell affair.... is there life on Mars? Rocks ruled out as source of mystery methane on Red Planet

Tue, 2019-08-13 06:54
(Yes, pedants, we know natural methane is odorless. Don't get in the way of a Bowie headline)

Ever since methane was detected on Mars, boffins have been trying to find out how it got there. Research published in Scientific Reports on Monday has ruled out one source – rocks being eroded by wind.…

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You can't afford to miss this year's Gartner IT Sourcing, Procurement, Vendor and Asset Management Summit

Tue, 2019-08-13 06:00
Grab a Register reader discount – and learn to sharpen your negotiation tactics and reduce costs

Promo Is your organisation equipped with the IT services and products it needs to achieve its business objectives? Are your procurement processes adequate in this fast-moving era of digital business? How quickly can you introduce new ideas and solutions? Have you thought about the future of your critical IT services, your software leases and your cloud contract?…

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Mysterious 'glitch' in neutron stars may be down to an itch under the body's surface

Tue, 2019-08-13 05:07
Nature isn't perfect either, eh

Aussie astroboffins think they have worked out one of the more unusual oddities in the universe - glitchy pulsars.…

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Web body mulls halving HTTPS cert lifetimes. That screaming in the distance is HTTPS cert sellers fearing orgs will bail for Let's Encrypt

Tue, 2019-08-13 01:43
Expensive renewals once a year... or free certificates any time? Tough choice

CA/Browser Forum – an industry body of web browser makers, software developers, and security certificate issuers – is considering slashing the lifetime of HTTPS certs from 27 months to 13 months.…

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Tor pedos torpedoed again, this time Feds torpedo four Tor pedos – and keep how they unmasked dark-web scumbags under wraps

Mon, 2019-08-12 22:33
Child abuse swap-shop admins to spend decades behind bars

The FBI is keeping quiet how exactly it brought down a Tor-hidden pedophile haven, having secured decades-long prison sentences for four of the website's administrators.…

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Looming US immigration crackdown aims to weed out pre-crime of poverty. And that may be bad news for techie families

Mon, 2019-08-12 21:34
Government officials will guess the future and deny those likely to utilize public benefits

The Trump administration on Monday previewed a pending rule change that will make it more difficult for legal immigrants to obtain green cards or temporary visas in Amerca if they use public benefits like food stamps or Medicaid.…

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What do Windows 10 and Uber or Lyft have in common? One bad driver can really ruin your day. And 40 can totally ruin your month

Mon, 2019-08-12 20:51
Powerful code signed by Microsoft littered with vulns

DEF CON Too many trusted Windows 10 peripheral drivers, signed off by Microsoft and running with powerful kernel-level privileges, are riddled with exploitable security vulnerabilities, according to infosec biz Eclypsium.…

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Printer pwnage, phone poppage, and apparently US Homeland Security needs security help

Mon, 2019-08-12 18:57
Plus: The spambot that actually DOES record screens of pr0n users

Roundup Here is your friendly summary of recent news from the front lines of information security beyond everything else we've already reported.…

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US still 'not prepared' in event of a serious cyber attack and Congress can't help if it happens

Mon, 2019-08-12 18:02
Politicians appeal to hackers to take up the fight

DEF CON Despite some progress, the US is still massively underprepared for a serious cyber attack and the current administration isn't helping matters, according to politicians visiting the DEF CON hacking conference.…

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Seoul cycle, rinse and repeat: South Korea kicks Japan off white list

Mon, 2019-08-12 17:07
Or why My Chemical Romance broke up

South Korea has retaliated against Japanese trade measures by removing the country from its white list of automatically approved export partners.…

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US military swoops into DEF CON seeking a few good hackers for debut aviation pwning village

Mon, 2019-08-12 16:01
Faulty F-15s, at-risk airbases and much more

DEF CON For the first time, Vegas's annual DEF CON hacking conference has an "aviation hacking village", and the US military is scouting around there for a few good hackers to find bugs that its own hackers have missed.…

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Plot twist: Google's not spying on King's Cross with facial recognition tech, but its landlord is

Mon, 2019-08-12 15:17
More unregulated creepycams blight London

Britons working for Google at its London HQ are being secretly spied on by creepy facial recognition cameras – but these ones aren't operated by the ad-tech company.…

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Brit regulator Ofcom put at helm as hosting platforms threatened with hefty fines for violent videos

Mon, 2019-08-12 14:37
Interim measure until Brexit, or never... whichever happens first

The UK government has threatened hosting platforms with big fines for providing access to unpleasant videos and will task UK comms regulator Ofcom with looking after how that happens.…

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Canonical adds ZFS on root as experimental install option in Ubuntu

Mon, 2019-08-12 13:42
Not ready for production yet, warns team, as it expands ZFS support

Canonical is expanding Ubuntu's support for ZFS, an advanced file system originally developed by Sun Microsystems.…

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Green search engine Ecosia thinks Google's Android auction stinks, gives bid a hard pass

Mon, 2019-08-12 12:34
'It should be up to Android users which search engine they use, and absolutely not up to Google'

Tree-planting search engine Ecosia has said no thanks to the Android search choice screen Google was forced to offer users as part of a European Commission settlement.…

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Science and engineering hit worst as Euroboffins do a little Brexit of their own from British unis

Mon, 2019-08-12 11:33
This is fine

Newly analysed recruitment figures from British Russell Group universities show a slowing of recruitment of European academics and increasing departures.…

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Google to bury indicator for Extended Validation certs in Chrome because users barely took notice

Mon, 2019-08-12 11:03
Not working as intended, says browser security team

The next version of Google's Chrome web browser, 77, will not indicate whether a site has an EV (Extended Validation) certificate unless the user drills down into the Page Info dialogue.…

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