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<i>Red Dead Redemption 2</i> on PC: Howdy buck do you get a solid 60FPS in Rockstar's masterpiece?

Fri, 2019-11-29 10:02
Read on, partner [decent GPU required]

The RPG Greetings, traveller, and welcome back to The Register Plays Games, our monthly gaming column. We're living the dream now because Rockstar clearly doesn't give a toss about previous coverage and gave us one of the most anticipated PC titles of the year. Cheers!

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Why can't passport biometrics see through my cunning disguise?

Fri, 2019-11-29 09:15
You can't leave your hat on

Something for the Weekend, Sir? The customs officer likes my smile. He smiles back.…

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We've found it... the last shred of human decency in an IT director – all for a poxy Unix engineer

Fri, 2019-11-29 08:15
Yeah, we're gonna need you to bring us his head

On Call Welcome back to On Call, The Register's weekly trip down memory lane with those poor buggers who have to deal with whatever lurks on the other end of the phone line.…

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ESA toasts 10% budget boost by stretching ISS support out to 2030

Thu, 2019-11-28 17:59
Message for Mr Peake: The station called and wants its former resident Brit back

ESA bigwigs were cock-a-hoop today as the agency's Ministerial Council passed a bonzer budget, with the UK, Germany, Italy and France splashing the most cash.…

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Brian Eno's latest composition: A giant Christmas card with Julian Assange on it

Thu, 2019-11-28 17:03
Not 'Music For Extraditions'

Acclaimed lift music composer Brian Eno is orchestrating a mass mail-in to Brit home secretary Priti Patel so the great unwashed can tell her: "Don't Extradite Assange."…

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Move over, Alien vs. Predator: Signing into AWS with an Office 365 login is a real crossover

Thu, 2019-11-28 15:36
AWS SSO? AWS IAM? AWS Cognito? All is explained

Just ahead of its big Las Vegas re:Invent knees-up, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has extended its Single Sign-on service to support Azure Active Directory – as used by Microsoft's Office 365.…

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Watch online next week: How to build a content management platform for the future – with the help of <i>Register</i> readers

Thu, 2019-11-28 15:01
Tune in to hear advice from Box and Freeform Dynamics

Webcast Let’s be realistic: nobody sets out to create computer systems that get in the way of good business.…

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Google caught a Russian state hacker crew uploading badness to the Play Store

Thu, 2019-11-28 13:41
Adtech firm also sent 12k phishing warnings to users of its services

Google has said it fired off 12,000 warnings to unlucky users of its GMail, Drive and YouTube services telling them that they’re being phished by state-backed hackers.…

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High-resolution display output or Wi-Fi: It seems you can only choose one on Raspberry Pi 4

Thu, 2019-11-28 12:00
Can't connect? Try a lower rez, or a different HDMI cable

Users of the Raspberry Pi 4 mini computer are puzzling over an issue where setting some display resolutions have the side-effect of killing the Wi-Fi connection.…

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RuneScape bloke was wrongly sacked after reading veep's salary details on office printer

Thu, 2019-11-28 11:00
Jagex Ltd's gross misconduct efforts blasted by judge

A RuneScape artist who found a document on an office printer that stated a senior veep's salary and mentioned it to colleagues was wrongly fired by red-faced managers, the Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled.…

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UK political parties fall over themselves to win tech contractor vote by pledging to review IR35

Thu, 2019-11-28 10:00
14 days till the General Election

Controversial UK tax legislation IR35, coming to a private sector near you from the spring, is the latest tool being used to curry favour and win votes in the upcoming General Election in Britain.…

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Cloudy biz Datrix locks down phishing attack in 15 mins after fat thumb triggers email badness

Thu, 2019-11-28 09:15
You can be fast but they're always faster

Cloud-'n'-comms biz Datrix has suffered a phishing attack that resulted in some customers' contact details being compromised – though the company reckons it contained the attack within 15 minutes.…

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Go champion retire after losing to AI, Richard Nixon deepfake gives a different kind of Moon-landing speech...

Thu, 2019-11-28 08:01
Plus: Chilling details of the AI police state in Xinjiang

Roundup Welcome to an early edition of this week's AI news summary, brought forward as some of us are away for Thanksgiving...…

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Astroboffins peeved as SpaceX's Starlink sats block meteor spotting – and could make us miss a killer asteroid

Thu, 2019-11-28 07:02
Sixty of them are bad enough, let alone the planned 12,000

Skywatchers in Spain recording meteors being transformed into brilliant streaks of light by atmospheric compression are a bit miffed – as their view was rudely interrupted by a slew of Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites.…

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This week, we give thanks to Fortinet for reminding us what awful crypto with hardcoded keys looks like

Thu, 2019-11-28 00:42
Plus more from the world of infosec

Roundup Here's a summary of recent infosec news beyond what we've already covered – earlier than usual because some of us have Thanksgiving to get through in the US. By the way, watch out for hackers taking advantage of IT teams suffering turkey comas.…

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Oracle finally responds to wage discrimination issue… by suing the Department of Labor

Wed, 2019-11-27 22:07
How dare you say we can’t underpay women and non-Caucasian staff!

Oracle has finally addressed long standing accusations that it discriminates against and underpays women and minorities by... suing the government department that has repeatedly flagged the issue, claiming it has no authority over Larry and his boys.…

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Now means now: How to deliver instant instant data center performance today – and in the future

Wed, 2019-11-27 19:00
From scale to cost, our friends at Intel and Redis will tell you what you need to know

Webcast The modern connected business never sleeps. Around the clock, your customers expect constant availability, and an experience that’s blazing fast and responsive.…

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Uni of London loses attempt to block mobe mast surveyors from Paddington rooftop

Wed, 2019-11-27 16:02
But it will earn £50 from it, so that's nice

The University of London has lost a Court of Appeal attempt to block a new mobile phone mast that would have served Vodafone's London HQ.…

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Christmas in tatters for Nottinghamshire tots after mayor tells them Santa's too busy

Wed, 2019-11-27 15:00
Is that true, Mummy?

The age-old deception that is Christmas has been unravelled for a bunch of tots in Nottinghamshire after an ill-conceived comment by the Mayor of Rushcliffe.…

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Intel! China! Sliding enterprise spending! Dell cuts forecasts by $1.2bn to $2bn for fiscal '20

Wed, 2019-11-27 14:02
More than a little Chipzilla off its previous expectations

Dell has lopped more than $1bn off its revenue estimates for the current fiscal year on the back of Intel's protracted CPU shortages, continued weakness in the Chinese economy and enterprises tightening their belts.…

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