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Need a new CEO, Salesforce? Have two – Bret Taylor and Marc Beioff to share the job

The Register - Wed, 2021-12-01 05:58
Restores twin CEO structure that ended in 2020, no indication this has deeper meaning

SaaS sultan Salesforce has announced a new CEO: Bret Taylor, previously the company's president and chief operating officer.…

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Qualcomm takes a swipe at Apple's build-not-buy culture (because it wants to sell stuff to Apple)

The Register - Wed, 2021-12-01 04:59
Suggests collaboration with OS suppliers is the best way to innovate, ignoring that Google just designed its own silicon for Pixel 6

Qualcomm has distanced itself from Apple, and took a veiled shot at its rival as it tried to clear the air on its relationship with Google.…

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UK intel chief says MI6 must outsource innovation – and James Bond's in-house 'Q' is nonsense

The Register - Wed, 2021-12-01 03:56
China is on the march, Russia loves to destabilise, no intelligence agency can stop 'em without help

The head of the UK's secretive Military Intelligence Section 6 agency – popularly known as MI6 – has delivered a rare speech in which he has warned that China, Iran, and Russia use information technology to destabilise rivals, and that the agency he leads can no longer rely on in-house innovation to develop the technologies the UK needs to defend itself.…

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Sportsbooks Made a Killing on NFL Games in November

Poker News Daily - Wed, 2021-12-01 03:16
Does everyone really love an underdog?

The betting gods giveth and the betting gods taketh away. After an ultra successful October, NFL sports bettors got destroyed in November, leading to what Superbook executive director John Murray told ESPN was “one of our best hold months in Nevada on record.”

Jeff Stoneback, who heads BetMGM’s Nevada sportsbook, told ESPN’s David Purdum, “There was one week where the players had only one game that they won, and another week they only won two games.”

“We did have big wins, yes, but the number of wins, percentage-wise for us, was unbelievable,” he added. “I was shocked.”

The reason sportsbooks made a mint in November: underdogs kept winning. Going into last night’s Monday Night Football game, underdogs covered the spread in almost 60% of the NFL’s game in November and 23 times they won outright. Oh, and Washington Football Team was a 1.5-point dog to the Seattle Seahawks on Monday and won the game, 17-15.

The most shocking upset of the month was when the woeful Jacksonville Jaguars defeated the normally high-scoring Buffalo Bills on November 7 by a pitiful score of 9-7. That screwed all the over bettors, too.

“Dominant teams earlier in the year have come down to earth, and dogs have been covering at a much higher clip,” said Station Casinos bookmaker Chuck Esposito. “There are 24 teams that are still fighting for playoff spots.”

Historically, Nevada sportsbooks average 5.5% hold, which means they make 5.5% on the bets they take (they “hold” 5.5%). As November wound to an end, the famed Superbook at Westgate Las Vegas was on track for a 6.25% hold.

Confidence in intuition plays a major role

From a casual observer’s perspective, it is logical that the betting public would pick favorites more often and thus a slew of upsets would be good for sportsbooks. But FiveThirtyEight.com’s Nate Silver looked into why (and if) this is actually the case back in 2014. According to experts he spoke with, it has to do with people having confidence in their intuitions.

“When people decide how to bet on a game, first they identify who is going to win,” Leif Nelson, associate professor at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley told Silver. “The faster and easier it (the decision) is, the less concerned they are with correcting that intuition when answering the more difficult question of whether the favorite is going to beat the point spread.”

Nelson and Joseph Simmons, an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, analyzed betting data from over 1,000 NFL games from 2009 to 2012 and found that “the average share of money bet on the favorite was 65 percent.”

In a similar study from the 2003 and 2004 NFL and college seasons, they found that favorites beat the spread about half the time, but bettors picked them more than two-thirds of the time.

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Cisco tells UCS owners they may have a screw loose – in the server chassis

The Register - Wed, 2021-12-01 01:03
Power supplies are screwed up because they're not all screwed in

Cisco has warned owners of its UCS servers that they may have a screw loose. In the UCS X9508 chassis that houses their servers, that is.…

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AWS unveils Graviton3 Arm chips and more. But the real story is the slide from IaaS to packaged solutions

The Register - Wed, 2021-12-01 00:09
CEO Adam Selipsky takes the stage in Vegas – and may be on a collision course with customers

Re:Invent Adam Selipsky gave his first Re:Invent keynote as AWS CEO on Tuesday, introducing a range of services, and hinting that the cloud giant may move toward more packaged solutions rather than primarily offering infrastructure-as-a-service.…

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Qualcomm crams more smarts into flagship mobile chip: It's the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-30 23:00
Do you want a smartphone to know you that well?

Qualcomm today will unveil its latest flagship chip, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, a greatest-hits compilation of the US giant's fastest CPU, GPU, camera, and modem technology.…

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Amazon warehouse staff granted second chance to vote for unionization

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-30 21:17
US labor watchdog tosses previous failed result in the trash

America's labor watchdog has given workers at Amazon’s warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama, another crack at voting for unionization after their first attempt failed earlier this year.…

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Scott Levitt Takes Big Lead Into Day 4 of WPT Seminole Hard Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker Open Main Event

Poker News Daily - Tue, 2021-11-30 20:22

Forgotten with all the excitement of the World Series of Poker Main Event and the winding down of the WSOP in general (even by me!) was that the World Poker Tour got back in action this past week. Currently underway is the WPT Seminole Hard Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker Open Main Event in Hollywood, Florida. Heading into Day 4, Scott Levitt has an even 11 million chips to lead the remaining 15 players.

Levitt’s biggest hand of Day 3 came close to possibly being one of his last. With the board reading T-6-4-K with two spades, Michael Shanahan pushed all his chips into the middle and Levitt called. It had to have been a great feeling for Shanahan, who had pocket Fours and a flopped set, especially when Levitt showed that he had pocket Aces. But another Ace landed on the turn, giving Levitt a better set and knocking Shanahan out in 23rd place.

That 12 million-chip pot vaulted Levitt into the lead and from there, he cruised to the day’s finish.

While there are very few players who enter Day 4 in really bad shape, Levitt also stands alone at the top. After him, the largest chip stack belongs to Harout Ghazarian, who has 6.915 million. Close behind is Joseph Cheong with 6.820 million.

Nobody at Levitt’s table has more than 4.5 million, so he may be able to swing his stack around a bit. And of the eight players, five have below 3 million chips. The other table, the one both Ghazarian and Cheong will inhabit on Tuesday, has just seven total players. One player has over 5 million, while two others have over 4 million.

Regardless of who emerges with all the chips, we know we will have a new WPT champion, as Pavel Plesuv was eliminated in 16th place, the last former WPT champ to bow out of the tournament.

The entire 2021 Seminole Hard Rock Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker Open got started on November 17 with the first of over 30 events and it showing that people have really missed live tournament poker during the pandemic. The very first event, $400 Deep Stack No-Limit Hold’em drew 6,196 entries across eight starting flights, making it the largest live poker tournament ever held in the state of Florida. The previous record was 5,018 at the 2016 Seminole Hard Rock 2021 Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker Open.

The 1,566 entries for the Main Event is the most that tourney has ever seen. Its guaranteed prize pool was $2 million, but that was a pittance compared to the more than $5 million prize pool the entries generated.

2021 WPT Seminole Hard Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker Open Main Event – Day 3 Chip Leaders
  1. Scott Levitt – 11,000,000
  2. Harout Ghazarian – 6,915,000
  3. Joseph Cheong – 6,820,000
  4. Daniel Rezaei – 5,485,000
  5. Selahaddin Bedir – 4,690,000
  6. Gediminas Uselis – 4,470,000
  7. Jakob Miegel – 4,410,000
  8. Jacob Ferro – 4,150,000
  9. Anshul Rai – 2,665,000
  10. Ari Dinov – 2,430,000

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It's the flu season – FluBot, that is: Surge of info-stealing Android malware detected

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-30 20:11
And a bunch of bank-account-raiding trojans also identified

FluBot, a family of Android malware, is circulating again via SMS messaging, according to authorities in Finland.…

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AsmREPL: Wing your way through x86-64 assembly language

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-30 18:59
Assemblers unite

Ruby developer and internet japester Aaron Patterson has published a REPL for 64-bit x86 assembly language, enabling interactive coding in the lowest-level language of all.…

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Microsoft adds Buy Now, Pay Later financing option to Edge – and everyone hates it

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-30 17:00
There's always Use Another Browser

As the festive season approaches, Microsoft has decided to add "Buy Now, Pay Later" financing options to its Edge browser in the US.…

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Visiting a booby-trapped webpage could give attackers code execution privileges on HP network printers

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-30 15:59
Patches available for 150 affected products

Tricking users into visiting a malicious webpage could allow malicious people to compromise 150 models of HP multi-function printers, according to F-Secure researchers.…

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Leaked footage shows British F-35B falling off HMS Queen Elizabeth and pilot's death-defying ejection

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-30 14:55
Parachute snagged on ship's bows

Video Video footage has emerged of a British F-35B fighter jet falling off the front of aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth after a botched takeoff.…

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Lloyd's of London suggests insurers should not cover 'retaliatory cyber operations' between nation states

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-30 14:02
And they might attribute cyber attacks if governments won't

Lloyd’s of London may no longer extend insurance cover to companies affected by acts of war, and new clauses drafted for providers of so-called "cyber" insurance are raising the spectre of organisations caught in tit-for-tat nation state-backed attacks being left high and dry.…

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UK competition regulator to Meta's Facebook: Sell Giphy, we will not approve the purchase

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-30 13:15
CMA finds that deal would be bad for consumers and tighten Zuck's grip on almost half of £7bn digital ad spend

The UK competition watchdog has ordered Meta, the owner of Facebook, to sell Giphy after deciding purchase of the animated GIF creator platform will damage rivals, consumers and advertisers.…

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You, me and debris: NASA cans ISS spacewalk because it's getting too risky outside

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-30 12:24
Broken antenna will have to wait as warning comes in less than 24 hours before airlock opening

NASA has delayed a spacewalk scheduled today from the International Space Station amid concerns about debris.…

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Can Rust save the planet? Why, and why not

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-30 11:34
The snag: This programming language is safe and efficient, but hard to learn, impacting productivity

Re:Invent Here at a depleted AWS Re:invent in Las Vegas, Rust Foundation chairwoman Shane Miller and Tokio project lead Carl Lerche made the case for using Rust to minimize environmental impact, though said its steep learning curve made the task challenging.…

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The climate is turning against owning our own compute hardware. Cloud is good for you and your customers

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-30 10:45
From the data centre to the desktop, here is the green solution

Register Debate Welcome to the latest Register Debate in which writers discuss technology topics, and you the reader choose the winning argument. The format is simple: we propose a motion, the arguments for the motion will run this Monday and Wednesday, and the arguments against on Tuesday and Thursday. During the week you can cast your vote on which side you support using the poll embedded below, choosing whether you're in favour or against the motion. The final score will be announced on Friday, revealing whether the for or against argument was most popular.

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You loved running JavaScript in your web browser. Now, get ready for Python scripting

The Register - Tue, 2021-11-30 09:58
All thanks to CPython, WebAssembly, and some clever developers (And yes, there's Pyodide, too)

Python, one of the world's most popular programming languages, may soon become even more ubiquitous as it finds a home within web browsers.…

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