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You need to RTFM, but feel free to use your brain too

The Register - Mon, 2022-06-27 08:35
But I was only following the procedures!

Who, Me? Monday is here, and with it a warning that steadfast determination to ignore instructions might not be such a silly thing after all. Welcome to Who, Me?

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Tropical island paradise ponders tax-free 'Digital Nomad Visa'

The Register - Mon, 2022-06-27 07:15
Live and work in Bali, pay tax at home

The government of Indonesia has once again raised the idea of creating a "digital nomad visa" that would allow foreign workers to live and work in the tropical paradise of Bali, tax free, for five years.…

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Small in Japan: Hitachi creates its own (modest) cloud

The Register - Mon, 2022-06-27 06:27
VMware-powered sovereign cloud not going to challenge hyperscalers, but probably won't be the last such venture

Hitachi has taken a modest step towards becoming a public cloud provider, with the launch of a VMware-powered cloud in Japan that The Register understands may not be its only such venture.…

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Beijing probes security at academic journal database

The Register - Mon, 2022-06-27 05:30
It's easy to see why – the question is, why now?

China's internet regulator has launched an investigation into the security regime protecting academic journal database China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), citing national security concerns.…

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Cerebras sets record for largest AI model on a single chip

The Register - Mon, 2022-06-27 04:16
Plus: Yandex releases 100-billion-parameter language model for free, and more

US hardware startup Cerebras claims to have trained the largest AI model on a single device powered by the world's largest Wafer Scale Engine 2 chip the size of a plate.…

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Zendesk sold to private investors two weeks after saying it would stay public

The Register - Mon, 2022-06-27 02:29
Private offer 34 percent above share price is just the thing to change minds

Customer service as-a-service vendor Zendesk has announced it will allow itself to be acquired for $10.2 billion by a group of investors led by private equity firm Hellman & Friedman, investment company Permira, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.…

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Singapore promises 'brutal and unrelentingly hard' action on dodgy crypto players

The Register - Mon, 2022-06-27 00:30
But welcomes fast cross-border payments in central bank digital currencies

In the same week that it welcomed the launch of a local center of excellence focused on crypto-inspired central bank digital currencies, Singapore's Monetary Authority (MAS) has warned crypto cowboys they face a rough ride in the island nation.…

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Today at the WSOP: COLOSSUS Comes Together as Nine-Game Mix Looks for Champion

Poker News Daily - Sun, 2022-06-26 18:46

The 2022 World Series of Poker opens for action on Sunday with one of its “tentpole” tournaments coming together for the first time. Typical of multiple entry (and Day One) events, the COLOSSUS pumped the players through the door and to the tables; the survivors of the two-Day Ones will come together for the first time today. In other action, the difficult Nine-Game Mix tournament will head off into its Day Two waters.

2022 COLOSSUS Crushes 2021 Numbers

As you well know, the final Day One of a multiflight event is crammed full of players. This was true in particular for this year’s COLOSSUS. The Day 1B field allow the event to crush the overall numbers from 2021 and even topped the pre-pandemic performance of the tournament from 2019.

7704 entries were received on Day 1B which, along with the 5869 that came to the tables on Friday’s Day 1A, made for a total of 13,573 entries. In 2021, the tournament did not even crack the 10K mark (9399), while 2019’s total of 13,109 was eclipsed by this year’s event. The prize pool created nearly cracked the $2 million mark ($1,936,770).

As Day Two begins, 1689 players will be vying for the latest WSOP bracelet. These players, however, have the inside track to making a deep run in the 2022 COLOSSUS:

1. Kao ‘Flexx’ Saechao, 1.514 million
2. Mary Dvorkin, 1.388 million
3. Samuel Laskowitz, 1.297 million
4. Sahar Bakshi, 1.212 million
5. Charles Peppers, 1.19 million

Day Two is underway at Bally’s right now, with plans to whittle this field down as far as it will go for Day Three’s Championship Day.

David Bach Leads Final 25 in Nine-Game Mix

Event #52, the $2500 Six Handed Nine-Game Mix tournament, has reached its penultimate day with 25 survivors from the original 456 in the field. Leading the way towards the championship on Sunday is three-time WSOP bracelet winner David Bach, who eked into the lead over Nick Guagenti before the end of action on Saturday night. The field is chocked full of top professionals in this incredibly difficult discipline of poker, and they are relatively close in the standings.

Daniel Negreanu, after his tirade in the $250K Super High Roller, has composed himself to be in the Top Ten heading into Sunday’s play. He is joined by Scott Bohlman, Scott Seiver, Andre Akkari, and a short-stacked Phil Hellmuth in the final gang. Hellmuth, with his 124,000 in chips, is going to need immediate help if he is to make a run at the final table.

1. David Bach, 1.591 million
2. Nick Guagenti, 1.584 million
3. Mike Gorodinsky, 1.546 million
4. Sampo Ryynanen, 1.008 million
5. Warwick Mirzikinian, 1 million

Trio of Tournaments Open Play, Including PPC

Three events will kick off action on Sunday, including one of the most prestigious titles in the poker world.

First up is an event with a charitable element to it. The $500 Salute to Warriors No Limit Hold’em tournament will award a WSOP bracelet to its players, but the real winners are the United Service Organization (USO) and various military charities. $40 of each entry into the tournament will be donated to these causes to support the military and their families.

The $1000 Tag Team Tournament is also set to start on Sunday. In this event, two or more players can partner together and play one stack (one player at a time, of course). In 2021, this event drew in 641 teams for action, with Mike Ruter and Sam Dighlawi partnering up to take the title over Tomer Wolf and David Lander.

Finally, one of the crown jewels of the poker world will start this afternoon. The $50,000 Poker Players’ Championship, which is the descendant of the original $50K H.O.R.S.E. event, will look to crown its latest champion. Victors in this tournament are normally recognized at the minimum as the most versatile poker player in the world for their skills in a multiple discipline format. 63 players came out in 2021 for this event, with Daniel Cates “breaking his duck” in taking home the Chip Reese Trophy, the WSOP bracelet, and nearly a million in earnings.

Along with the online WSOP for this weekend on the schedule, the $600 Deepstacks championship, it is going to be another busy day for the 2022 WSOP.

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Software-defined silicon is coming for telecom kit later this year

The Register - Sun, 2022-06-26 14:20
Startup EdgeQ believes pay-for-what-you-use model will make 5G transition more cost-effective

Interview While the IT industry waits to see if and when Intel will introduce software-defined silicon in Xeon CPUs, one startup us is moving ahead with plans to bring a pay-for-what-you-use pricing model to the telecom market with its "base station-on-a-chip" later this year.…

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Major Changes in Both CardPlayer, GPI Player of the Year Races

Poker News Daily - Sun, 2022-06-26 02:29

As the midpoint of 2022 draws within sight, the two major Player of the Year races have tightened up considerably. While the player who held the top slot on the CardPlayer Magazine board has remained the same, those that are in pursuit have crept closer. On the Global Poker Index, it has resulted in a change atop the standings.

Ali Imsirovic Leads CardPlayer Board, But by Smaller Margin

Ali Imsirovic has been atop the standings in the CardPlayer Magazine Player of the Year for the better part of a year, but his recent cold streak has slowed down his run at a second POY title. Although he had a final table finish in the $100,000 No Limit Hold’em Bounty tournament at the 2022 World Series of Poker, that is the ONLY tournament that has garnered him any points at the WSOP. The 300 points he earned for that Bounty Tournament finish has pushed his overall total on the CardPlayer rankings to 4683 points.

One of the players who has earned a 2022 WSOP bracelet, Jake Schindler, has been able to pull within striking distance of Imsirovic. That bracelet win in the $50,000 Eight Max No Limit Hold’em tournament (along with a runner up finish in the $25K version of the same event) has catapulted Schindler into the second place slot on the CardPlayer ladder. With 2210 points just from his WSOP work, Schindler now has 4322 points.

Someone who has been quietly stalking the tournament circuit has been Jeremy Ausmus. After coming out of the gate strongly in 2022, Ausmus has slowed down a bit, but the WSOP has reignited his engines. His bracelet win in the $3000 Six Max Limit Hold’em event at the WSOP picked him up 540 points, putting Ausmus at 4009 for the first half of 2022.

The difference between first (Imsirovic, 4383) and tenth (Nick Petrangelo, 2188) at the start of the WSOP was almost 2200 points. Now, that lead has shrunk massively.

1. Ali Imsirovic, 4683 points
2. Jake Schindler, 4322
3. Jeremy Ausmus, 4009
4. Stephen Chidwick, 3786
5. Chance Kornuth, 3636
6. Daniel Dvoress, 3583
7. Chris Brewer, 3443
8. Sean Winter, 3358
9. Phil Ivey, 3244
10. Darren Elias, 3135

Imsirovic Falls From #1 on GPI POY

Once again, Ali Imsirovic had been atop the standings of the Global Poker Index Player of the Year race since the start of the 2022 schedule. That has now changed as more players have been able to add on to their qualifying tournaments with better finishes. Under the GPI computations, a player’s thirteen best finishes are considered, meaning that players only improve if they can bump off a worse finish with a better one.

The man who has been able to top Imsirovic is Ausmus. With his work at the Triton Poker Series in Madrid prior to the WSOP, Ausmus has exchanged four of his results totaling over 950 points. These new replacements have allowed Ausmus to pack up 3277.16 points to oust Imsirovic from the lead in the GPI POY.

Not only has Ausmus blown by Imsirovic, Chance Kornuth has also bypassed the defending champion. Every cash that Kornuth has earned at the 2022 WSOP has been an improvement on an earlier finish in 2022, allowing him to pick up nearly 1000 points by the GPI calculations. It has pushed Kornuth’s overall total up to 3092.24 points as he comes to the close of the first half of 2022.

Imsirovic is not exactly out of the mix, however. He has been able to keep himself in the Top Three with his limited work at the WSOP, joining both Ausmus and Kornuth in the 3000-point club on the GPI board. To this mark in 2022, Imsirovic’s 3068.39 points keep him relevant in the race to defend his 2021 title.

Here is the remainder of the Top Ten in the Global Poker Index POY race:

1. Jeremy Ausmus, 3277.16 points
2. Chance Kornuth, 3092.24
3. Ali Imsirovic, 3068.39
4. Stephen Chidwick, 2938.45
5. Chris Brewer, 2873.67
6. Sean Winter, 2859.45
7. Phil Ivey, 2840. 56
8. Alex Foxen, 2808.96
9. Jake Schindler, 2702.98
10. Farid Jattin, 2677.27

You might have noticed the name of Phil Ivey poking into the countdown. This is the highest that Ivey has been ranked in a POY race since 2005, when he concluded the tournament season in 18th place on the CardPlayer rankings. That was so long ago that the Global Poker Index did not exist.

The remaining three weeks or so of the 2022 WSOP will be tremendously impactful on these rankings. There are several high dollar events which could have an effect, including the $50,000 Poker Players’ Championship and, of course, the $10,000 Championship Event. It will be intriguing to see how the standings roll out at the conclusion of this year’s festivities in Las Vegas.

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Today at the WSOP: $250K High Roller Down to Final Table as 2022 COLOSSUS Builds Field

Poker News Daily - Sat, 2022-06-25 14:52

As we enter the fourth weekend of action at the 2022 World Series of Poker, there is something for all fans of poker. If you are looking for the stars of the game, then the $250,000 High Roller is your cup of tea. If you are looking to get a cash for a much smaller expenditure, then the 2022 COLOSSUS is the game for you. Add in a few other non-Hold’em tournaments and it makes for a hectic schedule for Saturday at the 2022 WSOP.

Foxen Leads Final Table of High Roller

This was not your usual “high roller” table. It is this year’s largest buy-in tournament at the WSOP, the $250,000 Super High Roller No Limit Hold’em event, and 56 entries were received for the tournament. There is a reason to say “entries” is because we know that at least one player utilized the singular rebuy in the tournament – and failed again.

Utilizing that reentry option before the start of Day 2 on Friday, Daniel Negreanu was now $500,000 in for the event and would need to make the final table to earn a profit. Instead, Negreanu went up against David Peters with his remaining chips and he had the advantage pre-flop. Negreanu’s pocket tens were in decent shape for the double through Peters’ Q♠ 10♠, but poker needs five cards to determine a winner and those did not cooperate with ‘Kid Poker.’

The board rolled out K♦ 9♠ 6♥ 7♠ 3♠, giving Peters an unlikely flush and sending Negreanu into a tirade. He slammed his A/V equipment for video blogging (vlogging) on the table, scattering his chips around the felt, then pitched his tools at a nearby wall. It has been a tough WSOP for Negreanu, who only has four cashes (for slightly more than $90,000) for the $979,389 that he has put out in tournament fees.

The news was much better for the nine men who took home a cash in the event. Henrik Hecklen picked up a ninth-place finish for $414,815 before play was called for the night. Saturday will see the final eight men come to the tables with a WSOP bracelet and $4,563,700 awaiting the eventual champion:

1. Alex Foxen, 24.15 million
2. Martin Kabrhel, 17.8 million
3. Chris Hunichen, 12.375 million
4. Brandon Steven, 7.85 million
5. Phil Ivey, 7.3 million
6. Adrian Mateos, 6.95 million
7. Daniel Zack, 4.375 million
8. Sam Soverel, 3.2 million

Even though it looks like a race between Foxen, Kabrel, and Hunichen, you can go down as low as Mateos to look for a contender. If Mateos can get a double, he thrusts himself into the upper echelons of the leaderboard. Do not count out Zack and Soverel, either; even though they are on the short stack, they certainly have the skills to mount an assault on the leaders. The tournament is a part of the streaming package on PokerGO, which will start on a 60-minute delay after the 3PM resumption of hostilities between the players.

2022 COLOSSUS Expands Its Field

The $400 COLOSSUS, Event #51 on your WSOP scorecard, will move into its Day 1B action on Saturday. Day 1A brought out a throng of players that should see the event easily crack the 10K mark in entries and create a high six-figure first place payday.

Leading the way after Day 1A is Kao ‘Flexx’ Caechao, who was able to catch up Mary Dvorkin to hold the overnight lead. Dvorkin dominated the tables through the Friday action, holding the chip lead for most of the proceedings. These five players will sit on the top of the leaderboard while they watch the carnage of Day 1B on Saturday:

1. Kao ‘Flexx’ Caechao, 1.514 million
2. Mary Dvorkin, 1.388 million
3. Samuel Laskowitz, 1.297 million
4. Charles Peppers, 1.19 million
5. Eric Revak, 1.183 million

Play continues at 10AM in Bally’s, with the expectations that Day 1B for the 2022 COLOSSUS will be massively bigger than the Day 1A throng.

Nine Game Mix to Offer Day 2 Action

Event #52, the $2500 Six Handed Nine Game Mixed Game tournament, did not disappoint for those who appreciate the skill in playing multiple disciplines of poker. 456 entries came out for the Day 1 play on Friday, building a million-dollar prize pool ($1,014,600, to be exact) from the $2500 buy-ins received. 210 of those players will return on Saturday for Day Two action, looking to get to the bracelet on Sunday.

It is a tightly packed leaderboard, with Schuyler Thornton holding a tenuous lead with his 220,400 in chips. There is an array of players that are within 20K chips of Thornton, making his hold on the top of the standing a very shaky one:

1. Schuyler Thornton, 220,400
2. Nick Guagenti, 209,200
3. Scott Bohlman, 208,200
4. David Williams, 206,500
5. Dane Coltman, 200,400

The post Today at the WSOP: $250K High Roller Down to Final Table as 2022 COLOSSUS Builds Field appeared first on Poker News Daily.

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We're now truly in the era of ransomware as pure extortion without the encryption

The Register - Sat, 2022-06-25 10:41
Why screw around with cryptography and keys when just stealing the info is good enough

Feature US and European cops, prosecutors, and NGOs recently convened a two-day workshop in the Hague to discuss how to respond to the growing scourge of ransomware.…

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Trouble hiring? Consider loosening your remote work policy

The Register - Sat, 2022-06-25 09:22
We're going hybrid or off-prem to retain and lure staff, say polled managers

For bosses suffering the effects of the Great Resignation, IT decision makers taking part in this survey have a suggestion: go remote and you won't have any trouble hiring people.…

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Whatever hit the Moon in March, it left this weird double crater

The Register - Sat, 2022-06-25 02:33
NASA probe reveals strange hole created by suspected Chinese junk

Pic When space junk crashed into the Moon earlier this year, it made not one but two craters on the lunar surface, judging from images revealed by NASA on Friday.…

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US senators seek input on their cryptocurrency law via GitHub – and get some

The Register - Sat, 2022-06-25 01:25
Those town hall meetings that go off the rails? That's the internet all day, every day

The two US senators behind a proposed law to bring order to cryptocurrency finance have published their legislation to Microsoft's GitHub to obtain input from the unruly public.…

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Big Tech silent on future data privacy in post-Roe America

The Register - Fri, 2022-06-24 23:26
We asked what they will do to prevent cases being built against women. So far: Nothing

Period- and fertility-tracking apps have become weapons in Friday's post-Roe America.…

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More than $100m in cryptocurrency stolen from blockchain biz

The Register - Fri, 2022-06-24 21:46
'A humbling and unfortunate reminder' that monsters lurk under bridges

Blockchain venture Harmony offers bridge services for transferring crypto coins across different blockchains, but something has gone badly wrong.…

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NASA circles August in its diary to put Artemis I capsule in Moon orbit

The Register - Fri, 2022-06-24 20:37
First steps by humans to recapture planet's natural satellite

NASA is finally ready to launch its unmanned Orion spacecraft and put it in the orbit of the Moon. Lift-off from Earth is now expected in late August using a Space Launch System (SLS) rocket.…

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It's a crime to use Google Analytics, watchdog tells Italian website

The Register - Fri, 2022-06-24 17:15
Because data flows into the United States, not because of that user interface

Another kicking has been leveled at American tech giants by EU regulators as Italy's data protection authority ruled against transfers of data to the US using Google Analytics.…

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Arm most likely to list on the Nasdaq, says SoftBank CEO

The Register - Fri, 2022-06-24 16:13
Hopes of securing London listing for UK chip designer may be in vain

Arm is most likely to list on the US stock exchange Nasdaq, according to Masayoshi Son, chief executive of SoftBank Group, which bought the chip designer in 2016 for $32 billion.…

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