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Cisco axes hundreds, shares tumble amid China cut-off – but we're winning the trade war, right? So much winning

The Register - Thu, 2019-08-15 18:56
Small percentage of workforce but sign of the times

Cisco is laying off 500 programmers in its home state of California amid disappointing financial results and a sagging share price.…

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Virtually all polled enterprises say they'll use SD-WAN in next two years. Do you know what it is? Let us fill you in

The Register - Thu, 2019-08-15 18:00
SD-WAN, bam, thank you, ma'am

Backgrounder Businesses relying on hybrid clouds need to be especially mindful of how they protect the sensitive data that flows between their on- and off-premises systems. Employees can be anywhere, using multiple devices (sometimes simultaneously) and any type of network (including public Wi-Fi) to access cloud services, all of which need to be secured against malware, unauthorized access and eavesdropping.…

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We're not going Huawei even if you ban our 5G kit, Chinese firm tells UK

The Register - Thu, 2019-08-15 16:36
Translation: they're in Blighty to stay and they know it

Huawei has reportedly boasted that it will continue investing in the UK even if the British government U-turns on allowing the Chinese company to supply critical 5G mobile network equipment.…

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If bigger seats and nicer nosh in British Airways' First Class still aren't enough, would sir like to wear some VR goggles?

The Register - Thu, 2019-08-15 15:03
Now you need only briefly see the cabin interior

Good news for well-heeled British Airways customers! Now you can transport yourself away from the carrier's aircraft interior through the wizardry of Virtual Reality.…

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Don't let your dreams be dreams! Itty-bitty space shuttle to ride into orbit on a Vulcan Centaur

The Register - Thu, 2019-08-15 14:07
That's a rocket by the way, not half-horse, half-Spock

Wannabe space station supplier Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) has selected ULA's Vulcan Centaur rocket to launch its Dream Chaser freighter in 2021.…

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Tariffs, don't like it. Rock the AFA, rock the AFA: NetApp's all-flash sales crash hits top-line stats

The Register - Thu, 2019-08-15 13:12
It's true most blame put on China-linked woes, but it'll hire staff in s-a-a-a-a-a-a-ales

A sharp slowdown in enterprise customers' all-flash array purchases has sucker-punched NetApp, and though it is hiring more sales heads to fix this worry, things aren't forecast to get better anytime soon.…

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Bomb-hoaxing DoSer who targeted police in revenge was caught after Twitter taunts

The Register - Thu, 2019-08-15 12:23
Mostly the public adversely affected

A young man who DoSed two British police forces' websites has been sentenced to 16 months in a young offenders' institution.…

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Guys, it's fine. Don't worry about randomers listening to your Skype convos. Microsoft has tweaked an FAQ a bit

The Register - Thu, 2019-08-15 11:13
'Automated and manual' data processing – so humans, yeah?

Microsoft has responded to the furore over its use of humans to listen in on Skype and Cortana recordings by tweaking its privacy policy a bit.…

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Now you see them... IBM made over 800 UK jobs vanish in 2018 despite improving fortunes

The Register - Thu, 2019-08-15 10:13
Axe fell on sales, marketing and product development

One in 15 IBM jobs in the UK were rubbed out during calendar 2018 despite local financials returning to growth.…

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Poor old Jupiter has had a rough childhood after getting a massive hit from a mega-Earth

The Register - Thu, 2019-08-15 09:01
Jumpin' Jupiter smash, it's a gas, gas, gas

Jupiter may have started life as a dense rocky planet that only became more gas-like after a massive newborn planet smashed right into it 4.5 billion years ago, according to new research.…

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Quick question, what the Hull? City khazi is a top UK tourist destination

The Register - Thu, 2019-08-15 08:01
TripAdvisor said what now?

A Victorian public convenience in Hull has made Lonely Planet's list of the best 500 places to visit in the UK.…

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How dodgy browser plugins, web scripts can silently rewrite that URL you were about to hit – and throw you into an internet wormhole

The Register - Thu, 2019-08-15 07:08
Clickjacking code found on sites with 43 million daily visits total

Analysis Clickjacking, which came to the attention of security types more than a decade ago, continues to thrive, despite defenses deployed since then by browser makers.…

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World recoils in horror as smartphone maker accused of helping government snoops read encrypted texts, track device whereabouts

The Register - Thu, 2019-08-15 06:29
Thinking US again? You'd be wrong

Comment In a report that has left lawmakers across the globe reeling, the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday claimed a smartphone maker helped government officials in Uganda access encrypted texts on a handset used by one of its own citizens, and track the device's whereabouts.…

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Talk about keeping it in the family: Dell-owned Pivotal shares rocket after Dell-owned VMware mulls gobbling it up

The Register - Thu, 2019-08-15 00:37
Stock price back up to, er, just below IPO level

Dell-owned VMware is in talks to acquire Dell-owned Pivotal Software, the hypervisor giant announced Wednesday.…

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Cisc-o-no! 'We’re being uninvited to bid' on China deals admits CEO as Middle Kingdom snub freaks out investors

The Register - Thu, 2019-08-15 00:02
Stock price dives as Wall St learns of trouble overseas and weak outlook

Cisco warned of problems on the horizon as it wrapped up it fiscal 2019 financial results [PDF].…

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Chinese Government Vows Crackdown on Philippine Online Gambling Sites

Poker News Daily - Wed, 2019-08-14 23:36

The Chinese government is not known to be the most forgiving. A soft touch it does not have. In its crosshairs at the moment is online gambling and more specifically, online gambling sites based in the neighboring Philippines. Last week, the Chinese Embassy issued a lengthy statement on the problems it has with such sites.

“According to the Chinese laws and regulations, any form of gambling by Chinese citizens, including online-gambling, gambling overseas, opening casinos overseas to attract citizens of China as primary customers, is illegal,” the statement says. “The casinos and offshore gaming operators (POGOs) and other forms of gambling entities in the Philippine target Chinese citizens as their primary customers.”

The statement goes on to discuss the problems these sites pose for China. The complaints are largely the same as what we hear from anti-online gambling opponents in the United States:

1) Money is exiting China and going to illegal gambling sites in the Philippines. Money laundering ensues. China believes the monetary sums add up to “hundreds of millions of Chinese Yuan (Renminbi) every year” and have found their way to Philippine real estate.
2) “Crimes and social problems” are on the rise in China as a result of the online gambling.

One gripe China has with these sites, though, is fairly unique. The opening of the Chinese Embassy’s statement reads:

The Chinese Embassy has taken note of recent remarks by Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (PAGOR) vice president Jose Tria that Chinese working in Philippine offshore gaming operators (POGOs) will be transferred to “self-contained” communities or hubs. The Chinese Embassy expresses its grave concern over such potential move by PAGOR, which may infringe on the basic legal rights of the Chinese citizens concerned, and strongly urges the Philippine government to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens in the Philippines.

Later on, the Embassy says many of these Chinese citizens working in the Philippines are “modern slaves,” who have their passports taken away by their employers.

“They are confined to live and work in certain designated places and some of them have been subjected to extortion, physical abuse and torture as well as other ill-treatments,” the statement reads. “At the same time, dozens of kidnappings and tortured cases of Chinese citizens who gamble or work illegally in gambling entities in the Philippines have taken place. Some Chinese citizens were physically tortured, injured or even murdered.”

Similar abuses have been documented in Qatar as the country imports workers to prepare for the 2022 World Cup.

The Chinese government has pledged to “crack down” on cross-border online gambling, aiming to “destroy networks of criminal organizations” that open online gambling sites and attract Chinese customers. It is also going to go after “underground banks,” payment processors, and domestic network operators that facilitate online gambling and financial transactions.

According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and Chinese President Xi Jinping will discuss the matter at a meeting later this month.

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Sports Betting Push Knocks Poker Down The Stars Group Hierarchy

Poker News Daily - Wed, 2019-08-14 22:26

The Stars Group, parent company of PokerStars, reported its second quarter results this week. In what the poker world is wondering if it is a sign to come, the percentage of poker as a portion of revenue compared to the rest of the company sharply decreased. Sports betting took over as the top vertical in the company, though overall, sports betting, casino, and poker are all bunched together.

On the second page of its press release, The Stars Group said that sports betting made up 36 percent of the second quarter’s revenue. Online casino games were second at 31 percent, while poker came in third at 30 percent. In the same quarter last year, the numbers were 20 percent, 25 percent, and 53 percent, respectively.

While that drop from 53 to 30 percent is jarring, it is not as bad as it seems for poker. The company said that overall revenue, which increased by 55 percent quarter over quarter, was affected primarily by the July 2018 acquisition of Sky Betting & Gaming. Sports betting naturally swelled as a result and PokerStars’ portion of the pie deflated.

The Stars Group is definitely banking on sports betting to be a growth driver in the near future. In May, it booked a deal with FOX Sports to create FOX Bet, a real-money and play-money wagering platform. It also, just last month, inked a huge deal with Penn National Gaming in which The Stars Group will gain online sports betting access in up to ten states in which Penn National has brick-and-mortar casinos.

Looking at the company’s “international” poker revenue numbers, they decreased by 11.7 percent from the second quarter of 2018 to the second quarter of 2019, dropping under $200 million. It seems that The Stars Group does not feel this is a particularly bad sign, pointing to external factors:

Poker revenue for the quarter decreased year-over-year primarily as a result of adverse foreign exchange fluctuations and continued disruptions and regulatory headwinds in certain markets, including reduced deposits by customers as a result of local restrictions on some methods of payment processing and on certain methods of downloading The Stars Group’s poker applications, which was partially offset by continued organic growth in most other markets.

“2019 has been and remains a year of integration, execution and debt reduction,” said The Stars Group’s Chief Executive Officer Rafi Ashkenazi. “We are committed to those key strategic priorities for the rest of the year while we also build our foundation and momentum to become a market leader in the U.S. We are confident that the actions we have taken over the last year, and are pursuing now, including to reassess our fixed cost base, put us in a strong position to deliver our mid-term growth targets from the end of 2019.”

Now that half the year has elapsed, The Stars Group has adjusted its financial forecasts downward, citing, “negative foreign exchange fluctuations, a historically low Betting Net Win Margin in the first quarter for the United Kingdom segment, the slower than planned recovery in certain disrupted markets and some delays in launching The Stars Group’s newly licensed operations in certain jurisdictions, such as Switzerland.”

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Intel: Listen up, you NUC-leheads! Mini PCs and compute sticks just got a major security fix

The Register - Wed, 2019-08-14 21:59
Chipzilla patches firmware, drivers, SDKs

Hot on the heels of Patch Tuesday fixes from Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, and SAP, Intel has dropped its monthly security bundle to address a series of seven CVE-listed vulnerabilities in its firmware and software.…

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Competitors Feeling the Heat from Encore Boston Harbor

Poker News Daily - Wed, 2019-08-14 21:14

The Encore Boston Harbor casino opened less than two months ago, but its impact is already being felt in the region. And that impact is not always a positive one. According to reports, both regional casino competitors and local restaurants have experienced struggles since the Wynn Resorts property cut the ribbon.

Ripples felt an hour and a half away…

WJAR News, Providence’s NBC affiliate, is reporting that the Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island has warned that it might have to layoff staff because of plummeting revenues. Last month, table game revenue was $3.9 million lower than it was in July 2018, a 34 percent plunge to $7.6 million. Slot machine revenue was down $6.4 million, a 17 percent drop to $32.2 million.

As a result, Twin River Casino spokeswoman Patti Doyle said that as many as 30 table games supervisors could face layoffs. She added that the casino is looking to see if some employees would be willing to voluntarily reduce hours so that nobody would have to be out of a job completely. WJAR

“We are effectively staffing to the present volume of business on the table games,” she said.

Casino management has informed its employees of the situation. In a memo obtained by WJAR, company officials told employees, “Business levels have dropped significantly, and we are faced with the need to reduce staffing levels accordingly.”

The casino, about 54 miles south of Encore Boston Harbor, hopes that business will increase after Labor Day and that employees can be re-hired.

…and right down the street

Closer to Encore, local Boston restaurants are finding that it has become harder to staff up because Encore Boston Harbor has hired so many hospitality workers. Casino spokesperson Rosie Salisbury told the Boston Herald that they have already hired 5,200 people and are still looking to hire 200 more. 135,000 employment applications were filed.

“We already had issues with finding staff — the casino has added a whole other dimension to it,” Mark D’Alessandro, general manager of Mistral and operations manager for the Columbus Restaurant Group, told the Herald.

It is a simply supply-and-demand issue. Encore Boston Harbor has scooped up much of the supply, so not only are there fewer qualified people to work at local restaurants, but wages are going to have to go up to bring them in.

“That’s one of the fears that we have,” Massachusetts Restaurant Association chief Bob Luz said. “You reach a breaking point because you can’t just keep passing it onto the consumer.”

Glynn Hospitality operations manager Sheldon Cohen told the Herald that more than ten bartenders and cooks have bolted his nine restaurants for Encore. On top of that, the restaurants are having to negotiate with current employees to get them to stay, which often means increasing their pay.

Luz did say that Encore has not played dirty, that it has not actively recruited people directly from competing restaurants. It is just that its size and resources have made it a “disruptive force” in the city.

Even those restaurants and bars who have not had employees leave are finding it much more difficult to attract new staffers. Many are having to use different methods of recruiting that they have not had to resort to in the past. What was once recruiting by networking has now become internet ads or the use of headhunters.

Lead image credit: Encore Boston Harbor / Barbara Kraft

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Chin up, CapitalOne: You may not have been the suspected hacker's only victim. Feds fear 30-plus organizations hit

The Register - Wed, 2019-08-14 21:06
Prosecutors file papers to keep Paige Thompson behind bars while awaiting trial

The ex-Amazon software engineer accused of stealing the personal information of 106 million people from Capital One's cloud-hosted databases may have hacked dozens of other organizations.…

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