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Huawei's AppGallery riddled with malware-infected games

The Register - Thu, 2021-11-25 04:58
Cynos.7 trojan found its way into 9.3 million downloads

Cybersecurity researchers at anti-virus software company Dr Web have discovered a treasure trove of malware-laced Android games on Huawei's AppGallery.…

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Federal Judge Strikes Down Seminole Tribe’s Gaming Compact With Florida, Threatening Sports Betting

Poker News Daily - Thu, 2021-11-25 03:54

A major question mark hangs over the sports betting industry in Florida after a federal judge ruled on Monday that the state’s compact with the Seminole Tribe violates federal law. As a result, all sports betting in the state will likely have to come to a halt.

That has not stopped the Seminole Tribe yet, though. The tribe has continued to keep its sports betting app running. In a statement filed in federal court on Tuesday, Seminole chairman Marcellus W. Oceola said, “The tribe’s online sports betting authorized by the compact is now in operation, and is generating millions in revenue per week.”

One federal judge had already thrown out one of three lawsuits challenging the compact in October. In that one, US District Court Judge Allen Winsor said that the West Flagler Associates lacked standing in its suit against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The lawsuit in focus this week was similar, but was filed against US Department of the Interior Secretary Deb Haaland. This time, Judge Dabney Friedrich agreed with West Flagler Associates that the Seminoles’ compact with the state of Florida violates the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA).

In May, the Florida state legislature approved the compact after DeSantis signed it, but the DOI still had to give its thumbs-up. The department had 45 days to make a decision, but in the end, took no action, which meant approval by default. The Seminole Tribe launched its Hard Rock Sportsbook at the beginning of this month.

The issue at the center of the legal battle is where sports betting is taking place. According to IGRA, any gambling authorized by state compacts must take place on tribal lands. The Seminole Tribe accepts bets from anyone of legal age anywhere in the state, as one might expect with internet gambling (though there are some tribal apps in other states that can only be used when on tribal property or in a tribal casino). And there is the problem. If someone is placing a bet on the app in most locations around Florida, they are not situated on tribal land.

The tribe argues that the bets are technically made on the server and since the servers are on tribal land, it doesn’t matter where the customer is located. Judge Friedrich didn’t buy it, though. Calling the argument “fiction,” she said, “When a federal statute authorizes an activity only at specific locations, parties may not evade that limitation by ‘deeming’ their activity to occur where it, as a factual matter, does not.”

As mentioned, the Hard Rock Sportsbook app is still running. In the meantime, it would not be surprising at all if the Department of the Interior files an appeal and/or as for a stay on the opinion.

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US bans Chinese firms – including one linked to HPE’s China JV – for feeding tech to Beijing's military

The Register - Thu, 2021-11-25 01:11
Other additions to Entity List are accused of helping Pakistan, North Korea make nukes, missiles

The US Dept of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security has added 27 companies to its list of entities prohibited from doing business with the USA on grounds they threaten national security – and one of the firms is associated with HPE’s Chinese joint venture H3C.…

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Kremlin names the internet giants it will kidnap the Russian staff of if they don't play ball in future

The Register - Thu, 2021-11-25 00:44
Nice employees you have, be a shame if something were to happen to them

The Russian communications regulator Roskomnadzor has told 13 foreign businesses, predominantly US tech firms, they must set up and/or maintain offices in Russia if they want to keep doing business in the country.…

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Theranos' Holmes admits she slapped Big Pharma logos on lab reports to boost her biz

The Register - Wed, 2021-11-24 23:10
'I wish I had done it differently' she tells jury in fraud trial

Theranos boss Elizabeth Holmes admitted in court this week she personally added Pfizer and Schering-Plough logos to her startup's presentations while trying to seal a deal with Walgreens.…

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SmartNICs, IPUs, DPUs de-hyped: Why and how cloud giants are offloading work from server CPUs

The Register - Wed, 2021-11-24 21:09
Where this technology grew from, and what it offers you

Systems Approach The recent announcements from Intel about Infrastructure Processing Units (IPUs) have prompted us to revisit the topic of how functionality is partitioned in a computing system.…

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Microsoft extends 'outage mode' for Azure Active Directory to bake more resilience into cloudy services

The Register - Wed, 2021-11-24 19:08
But Redmond has bigger questions to answer regarding Azure architecture

Microsoft hopes to improve the resilience of its cloud services by extending an "outage mode" for Azure Active Directory to cover web as well as desktop applications.…

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Four Men Sentenced for Scamming UK Betting Shops Out of More Than £600,000

Poker News Daily - Wed, 2021-11-24 18:11
Huge haul in a short time span

In a variation of an old casino scam, a gang of four men defrauded UK betting shops out of more than £600,000 this summer. All four men have since been caught and handed varying prison sentences.

I’m the kind of person who actually kind of appreciates a good con if it is clever, creative, or well-executed, while at the same time naturally disapproving of it. It’s why we like heist movies, right? We can be entertained by Danny Ocean’s crew while still believing what they are doing is wrong (if it was real life, of course). I also shake my head in some form of disappointment when the criminals do something so incredibly stupid to get themselves caught. Again, I don’t approve of their actions, but I also dislike stupidity.

Enter Thomas Wheatcroft, Charlie Shaw, Michael Sadgove-Tarrant, and Paul Hubbold. During June and July they hit Ladbrokes and Coral betting shops in London, Yorkshire, Merseyside, Essex, the West Midlands, Cambridgeshire and Surrey to the tune of £663,556.

Effective, yet basic scam

What they did was fairly simple. The men inserted laminated £20 and £50 notes into betting machines just far and just long enough for the machine to register the credits, then pulled them out using a plastic lead. Rinse and repeat at many different shops and they had hundreds of thousands of pounds of deposits for no more than the cost of the few plastic-coated bank notes.

It is unclear whether or not they actually proceeded to place bets or if they just cashed out their ill-gotten credits, but we would guess they engaged in some “cover play” to make it look like they were actual customers. It is also unknown as to exactly why they laminated the bills, but it is probably one or both of a) it guaranteed they remained in good condition so that the machine would accept them on the first try, and b) it made it easier to attach the lead to the bills so they could be yanked out of the machine without tearing.

It’s fairly surprising that something this simple would work in the year 2021 and that machines are not designed to prevent it. As mentioned, it is a variation on an old casino scam. Back in the day when gambling machines like slots and video poker accepted coins (some still do in a couple casinos), a common scam was to simply attach a string to a coin, drop it into the coin slot until the machine registered it, then pull it back out. Same concept.

It’s like they wanted to get caught

As for the stupidity part, according to the Liverpool Echo, all four men were wearing the same clothing, quite the tipoff when law enforcement checked security footage after employees reported that the machines contained many thousands of pounds less than they were supposed to. Then, when the men were arrested, police found the clothing in bags, including 20 baseball caps. I mean, come on, guys. You’re not on a sports team. You don’t have to wear the same uniform AND keep the evidence.

Wheatcroft and Shaw are definitely seeing time behind bars, sentenced to four-plus years and two years, respectively. Sadgove-Tarrant and Hubbold were sentenced to shorter terms, but theirs were suspended, so if they live on the straight-and-narrow, they might avoid incarceration.

“I am pleased that Wheatcroft and Shaw, who were the main offenders, received custodial sentences, and I hope this provides some relief for the companies who have been affected by their actions,” said Detective Constable Kevin Parley of the Met Police.

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AWS claims 'monumental step forward' with optional IPv6-only networks

The Register - Wed, 2021-11-24 18:04
10 quintillion IP addresses per subnet but expect some pain

AWS customers can now create IPv6-only virtual private cloud (VPC) networks, with the company claiming it is a "monumental step forward" towards the enablement of IPv6 on its cloud.…

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Dell: We and our customers understand the supply constraints now. The 'wildcard is logistics'

The Register - Wed, 2021-11-24 16:32
Over at rival HP, the story is more about building too many Chromebooks and watching demand for them ebb away

The humble PC continues to bring home the bacon for Dell, with shipments to corporate customers going through the roof, in spite of previous worries about shortages and price hikes. But things are less rosy at HP, which has been caught out by the recent collapse in Chromebook orders.…

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Hyperconverged infrastructure provider Nutanix reports bigger loss than turnover

The Register - Wed, 2021-11-24 15:42
Hardware supply chain issues? Somebody else's problem, guv

Hyperconverged infrastructure software outfit Nutanix has almost, but not quite, stopped burning cash as its cash flow neared positivity in its latest set of results.…

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Max Schrems hits Irish Data Protection Commissioner with corruption complaint

The Register - Wed, 2021-11-24 15:05
Watchdog argues 'fairness' in process should keep some documents confidential

Data privacy campaign group noyb, founded by Austrian lawyer Max Schrems, has filed a complaint with the Austrian Office for the Prosecution of Corruption (WKStA) for a potential violation of Austrian criminal laws by the Irish Data Protection Commission.…

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Microsoft restores Remote Assistance to Intune – this time as a premium feature

The Register - Wed, 2021-11-24 13:53
Customers accuse Redmond of making standard functionality a pricey extra

Microsoft is restoring first-party support for Remote Assistance, logging onto a user's PC to troubleshoot, but "at a price above the existing licensing options."…

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Apple's Pegasus lawsuit a 'declaration of war' against offensive software developers, says Kaspersky director

The Register - Wed, 2021-11-24 13:12
Regional exec says Apple wants offensive researchers out of the field because they are harmful to the reputation of the company

Kaspersky's APAC director of Global Research and Analysis, Vitaly Kamluk, has called Apple's lawsuit against Pegasus maker NSO a "declaration of war against software developers."…

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NASA boffins seem to think we're worth saving from fiery asteroid death so they're shooting a spaceship at one

The Register - Wed, 2021-11-24 12:28
Bruce Willis not required

NASA and the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory's (APL) Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission is under way following a successful launch atop a SpaceX Falcon 9.…

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European carriers push for more OpenRAN support... but it might not end in a win

The Register - Wed, 2021-11-24 11:44
'Many appear to placing huge bets on it as a replacement for Huawei'

Analysis Hot on the heels of the UK government enshrining in law the power to strip out Huawei, five European carriers have banded together to ask European policymakers to push the development of open radio access network (OpenRAN).…

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How a malicious Android app could covertly turn the DSP in your MediaTek-powered phone into an eavesdropping bug

The Register - Wed, 2021-11-24 11:00
Millions of devices potentially vulnerable, we're told

Check Point Research will today spill the beans on security holes it found within the audio processor firmware in millions of smartphones, which can be potentially exploited by malicious apps to secretly eavesdrop on people.…

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Lenovo ThinkPad T14s: Impressively average, which is how corporate buyers like it

The Register - Wed, 2021-11-24 10:15
This is likely what the IT dept would chuck the regular user

Review Lenovo has bucked the trend for vanishingly slim bezels and a paucity of ports with a conservative take on the corporate laptop in the form of the latest T14s ThinkPad.…

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LoRa to the Moon and back: Messages bounced off lunar surface using off-the-shelf hardware

The Register - Wed, 2021-11-24 09:30
... and a damn big radio telescope

A team of scientists has managed to bounce a LoRa message off the Moon, setting an impressive record of 730,360km for the furthest distance such a data message has travelled.…

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Apple, Amazon fined to the tune of €200m for colluding over Beats headphones sales

The Register - Wed, 2021-11-24 08:29
Trillion-dollar giants vow to appeal against penalties that amount to just a few hours of profit

Italy's competition authority has fined Apple and Amazon €200m after deciding the pair colluded to unfairly restrict the supply of Apple products and Beats headphones in the Euro nation.…

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