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PokerStars Launches All-in Cash Out at Real Money Tables

Poker News Daily - Tue, 2019-08-13 02:39
All-In Cash Out only for micro-stakes

A few weeks ago, PokerStars began testing a new All-in Cash Out feature on its play-money .NET client. Apparently, that testing went well, because the poker room announced on Monday that the feature is now live on the real-money, .COM client. It is only an option at the micro-stakes ($0.01/$0.02, $0.02/$0.05, $0.05/$0.10) levels of No-Limit Hold’em, Pot-Limit Omaha, and 6+ Hold’em cash games.

All-in Cash out will be available for every player at every eligible table, but if players do not even want to see the option, it can be turned off in the poker client settings. Everyone else at the table may use it, though, even if an individual player has turned it off.

Players can lock up their equity

The All-in Cash Out option is presented to players when someone is all-in and called and there is no other action to come. At point, two buttons appear for those players still in the hand, one which allows them to immediately cash out of the hand and the other which tells PokerStars to resume play. Players who wish to cash out must pay a one percent fee of their hand value.

If both players just want to resume, the hand continues as normal. If a player elects to cash out, he receives an amount equal to the probability of him winning the hand times the total pot. If, at the same time, the other player (we’ll assume it’s two players) wants to resume, the hand plays out for that player only. If he wins, he wins the pot.

There are a couple scenarios that a little odd, though. If one player cashes out and wins, he can’t win the pot, since he cashed out already. In that case, the pot actually goes to PokerStars, meaning that PokerStars profits from the hand above the one percent fee. PokerStars got the entire and only gave the cash out player a portion of it. On the flip side, if the cash out player loses the hand, the pot goes to the other player, so PokerStars loses money, having paid the cash out player.

Many in the poker community were worried that this would take the place of the Run it Twice feature. It does not; PokerStars said that players can opt to Run It Twice if the feature is enabled.

PokerStars assures everything is cool

Because All-in Cash Out means the players are actually competing against the house in some instances, PokerStars addressed a potential conflict of interest, saying:

In no way whatsoever will PokerStars manipulate the dealing of any cards. The only way that PokerStars will make any direct revenue from this feature is through the 1% surcharge. While PokerStars will take the pot in hands where a player has Cashed Out but then goes on to win the hand, overall the number of pots won and lost will balance out according to Expected Value (EV).

Therefore, PokerStars will only break even in this regard, and subsequently the only revenue we will receive will come from the 1% surcharge.

As to why All-in Cash Out has been introduced, PokerStars said it is “always looking for ways to enhance our offering” and sees it as a way for players to lower their variance. PokerStars also views All-in Cash Out as “a more advanced version of Run It Twice, but without the requirement for both players to agree.”

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Web body mulls halving HTTPS cert lifetimes. That screaming in the distance is HTTPS cert sellers fearing orgs will bail for Let's Encrypt

The Register - Tue, 2019-08-13 01:43
Expensive renewals once a year... or free certificates any time? Tough choice

CA/Browser Forum – an industry body of web browser makers, software developers, and security certificate issuers – is considering slashing the lifetime of HTTPS certs from 27 months to 13 months.…

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Tor pedos torpedoed again, this time Feds torpedo four Tor pedos – and keep how they unmasked dark-web scumbags under wraps

The Register - Mon, 2019-08-12 22:33
Child abuse swap-shop admins to spend decades behind bars

The FBI is keeping quiet how exactly it brought down a Tor-hidden pedophile haven, having secured decades-long prison sentences for four of the website's administrators.…

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Looming US immigration crackdown aims to weed out pre-crime of poverty. And that may be bad news for techie families

The Register - Mon, 2019-08-12 21:34
Government officials will guess the future and deny those likely to utilize public benefits

The Trump administration on Monday previewed a pending rule change that will make it more difficult for legal immigrants to obtain green cards or temporary visas in Amerca if they use public benefits like food stamps or Medicaid.…

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What do Windows 10 and Uber or Lyft have in common? One bad driver can really ruin your day. And 40 can totally ruin your month

The Register - Mon, 2019-08-12 20:51
Powerful code signed by Microsoft littered with vulns

DEF CON Too many trusted Windows 10 peripheral drivers, signed off by Microsoft and running with powerful kernel-level privileges, are riddled with exploitable security vulnerabilities, according to infosec biz Eclypsium.…

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Plus: The spambot that actually DOES record screens of pr0n users

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US still 'not prepared' in event of a serious cyber attack and Congress can't help if it happens

The Register - Mon, 2019-08-12 18:02
Politicians appeal to hackers to take up the fight

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Seoul cycle, rinse and repeat: South Korea kicks Japan off white list

The Register - Mon, 2019-08-12 17:07
Or why My Chemical Romance broke up

South Korea has retaliated against Japanese trade measures by removing the country from its white list of automatically approved export partners.…

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US military swoops into DEF CON seeking a few good hackers for debut aviation pwning village

The Register - Mon, 2019-08-12 16:01
Faulty F-15s, at-risk airbases and much more

DEF CON For the first time, Vegas's annual DEF CON hacking conference has an "aviation hacking village", and the US military is scouting around there for a few good hackers to find bugs that its own hackers have missed.…

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Plot twist: Google's not spying on King's Cross with facial recognition tech, but its landlord is

The Register - Mon, 2019-08-12 15:17
More unregulated creepycams blight London

Britons working for Google at its London HQ are being secretly spied on by creepy facial recognition cameras – but these ones aren't operated by the ad-tech company.…

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Brit regulator Ofcom put at helm as hosting platforms threatened with hefty fines for violent videos

The Register - Mon, 2019-08-12 14:37
Interim measure until Brexit, or never... whichever happens first

The UK government has threatened hosting platforms with big fines for providing access to unpleasant videos and will task UK comms regulator Ofcom with looking after how that happens.…

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Canonical adds ZFS on root as experimental install option in Ubuntu

The Register - Mon, 2019-08-12 13:42
Not ready for production yet, warns team, as it expands ZFS support

Canonical is expanding Ubuntu's support for ZFS, an advanced file system originally developed by Sun Microsystems.…

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Green search engine Ecosia thinks Google's Android auction stinks, gives bid a hard pass

The Register - Mon, 2019-08-12 12:34
'It should be up to Android users which search engine they use, and absolutely not up to Google'

Tree-planting search engine Ecosia has said no thanks to the Android search choice screen Google was forced to offer users as part of a European Commission settlement.…

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Science and engineering hit worst as Euroboffins do a little Brexit of their own from British unis

The Register - Mon, 2019-08-12 11:33
This is fine

Newly analysed recruitment figures from British Russell Group universities show a slowing of recruitment of European academics and increasing departures.…

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Google to bury indicator for Extended Validation certs in Chrome because users barely took notice

The Register - Mon, 2019-08-12 11:03
Not working as intended, says browser security team

The next version of Google's Chrome web browser, 77, will not indicate whether a site has an EV (Extended Validation) certificate unless the user drills down into the Page Info dialogue.…

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£250m fund for NHS AI laboratory slammed as tech for tech's sake

The Register - Mon, 2019-08-12 10:00
You're obsessed, Hancock!

UK health secretary Matt Hancock has been accused of being "obsessed by technology" for its own sake following the UK government's vague announcement about injecting £250m into a AI laboratory for the NHS.…

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I could throttle you right about now: US Navy to ditch touchscreens after kit blamed for collision

The Register - Mon, 2019-08-12 08:59
Thousands of tons of metal and iPads don't mix, it would seem

The US Navy is ditching touchscreens and going back to physical throttles after an investigation into the USS John S McCain collision partly blamed poor design of control systems for the incident.…

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Crunch time: It's all fun and video games until you're being pressured into working for free

The Register - Mon, 2019-08-12 08:07
UK industry survey sheds light on ridiculous hours, culture of harassment and bullying

The majority of video games devs do long stretches of unpaid overtime, and bullying and harassment is rife within the sector, according to a survey by entertainment trade union BECTU.…

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One person's harmless japery can be another's night of LaserJet Lego

The Register - Mon, 2019-08-12 07:05
For goodness sake, please don't go reading any printer manuals

Who, Me? Welcome to Who, Me?, The Register's weekly column of confessions from the darker corners of our readers' memories.…

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WSOP-E Champion Barry Shulman Sounds Off on Nick Marchington Controversy

Poker News Daily - Sun, 2019-08-11 18:57

While the 2019 World Series of Poker Championship Event may have concluded about a month ago, there is still a hubbub about one particular part of it. According to many reports, including one from my friend and colleague Dan Katz, Nick Marchington, who earned his third ever cash in only the biggest poker tournament in the world, allegedly stiffed some backers who thought they were in on his good fortune. Instead, they found themselves given the cold shoulder from Marchington, who denies he had a deal with them for the WSOP Championship Event and, therefore, didn’t owe any money from his $1.525 million in winnings to them.

Now a respected figure in the poker community, two-time WSOP bracelet winner, 2009 WSOP-Europe champion and CardPlayer Magazine publisher Barry Shulman, has spoken up with his thoughts on the subject. When someone in such a position takes the time to respond on a subject, it is advisable to listen.

Marchington “Not Honorable,” Shulman Says

In an op/ed penned on CardPlayer.com, Shulman takes the time to look over the situation regarding Marchington. For those of you who may have missed it, Marchington was allegedly staked by a group called C Biscuit Poker Staking, with a contract signed between the parties and C Biscuit Poker Staking paying 10% of Marchington’s action. Marchington suffered through an awful run in the early segments of the WSOP and, a week before the Championship Event, offered a refund to the group to cancel the deal.

This is where the story gets a bit cloudy. The staking group alleges that Marchington got a better deal from someone else to play in the WSOP Championship Event and wanted to take that staking action and sought to end his relationship with C Biscuit. Marchington doesn’t deny this and says that, once he had returned their stake before he started Day 2 of the Championship Event, the relationship was over. Of course, Marchington would go on a run that saw him make the final table of the WSOP Championship Event and earn his new backers a nice chunk of change.

Shulman takes a look at this situation through two angles, the poker angle and the business angle, two areas that he would know well. While stating that he wasn’t an attorney (his wife, Allyn, IS, however), Shulman states, “Marchington and C Biscuit Staking had a contract. That means there was an offer and acceptance. That means it was binding. Unless that contract said he could renege if he got a better deal, then Marchington was clearly out of luck.”

But C Biscuit did accept some of their money back, which changes the situation, Shulman notes. Although he says that Marchington was “not honorable” in trying to break the agreement with C Biscuit, Shulman says “In my opinion, (Marchington) acted quite immorally, but may have legally canceled the contract when they (C Biscuit) accepted his amended deal that got them back their money.”

Our Take…

First, Marchington is a bit underhanded in seeking out other backers when he already was being staked by someone. When you’ve got all the “ducks in a row” – a signed contract, an exchange of money, etc. – you don’t go looking for another party that will usurp the people that believed in your skills. In this manner, Shulman is dead on that Marchington was “not honorable” and will probably have to live this down for the rest of his time in the poker community.

As to the contract, however, once C Biscuit accepted back the part of the stake that he hadn’t used – the part that was supposedly putting him in the WSOP Championship Event – the relationship between the two parties was terminated. They don’t deserve any of the windfall that Marchington received, even if he had utilized their financial support for earlier events (and not gotten a return).

This isn’t a suggested course of action, for those of you wondering. Marchington has completely damaged his reputation in the poker world (Does he care? That’s a very good question.). And while it is a course of action to take in their situation, C Biscuit probably shouldn’t make a practice of suing its horses when they have an issue (many contracts have a binding arbitration clause for that very purpose). The entire sordid affair once again shines the spotlight on what some might call a “dirty” reality of the poker world, the world of staking deals.

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