Updated torrentflux addon to work with firefox 3.5

I'm not sure when the maintainer of this extension will update the maximum firefox version allowed to be used with the torrentflux addon so i updated and tested the torrentflux addon for firefox to work with firefox 3.5.


It doesn't have any other improvements over the original 0.6 version. But it works with the latest firefox.


Life is backwards

TEENS Have Time & Energy but no Money

WORKERS Have Money & Energy but no Time

OLDIES Have Time & Money but no Energy

I got my First £50 from YouGov

I got my first £50 cheque from filling out surveys for yougov If you want free money too go here: Yougov

Time for a promotion

People who do lots of work... make lots of mistakes

People who do less work... make less mistakes

People who do no work... make no mistakes

People who make no mistakes... get promoted

Therefore, I need a promotion.

Make me a sandwich

I guess most folk wont get this, but i found it hilarious.

Sea Shepherd to arrive on UK discovery channel April 27th

Whale Wars  Is a new 7 part documentary series to be aired on discovery channel in the UK on 29th april. Following the efforts of the Sea Shepherd crew to defend whales against illegal japanese whaling ships. The sea shepherd crew don't mind ramming a whaling ship to disrupt their activities. It should make really interesing viewing.

I just Discovered it's brilliant is a UK-based Internet radio and music community website and it's totally awesome, it is pretty accurate at guessing what type of music you fancy listening to. All you need to do is tell it 'i want to listen to stuff like chemical brothers' for example and it will stream a constant taiored radio station to you for free, if it plays something you don't like, then click a button and you'll never hear it again. It remembers the choices you make and your stream changes according to your tastes.


Interesting fact about youtube

I Just found out this interesting little factoid: In 2007, YouTube alone consumed as much bandwith as the entire Internet in 2000.

I got a royal flush today

I got a royal flush today, the best hand in poker,  1 in 649740 chance, awesome. That's a big deal for a poker player :)

Royal flush

That's me at the bottom there.... Now.... on with the next hand...


Awesome airless, punctureless tyre from michelin,

The police stop sticks are gonna have a hard job stopping you with those on your car.

Cant really see it working with bikes though .


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