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I'm a plot owner

Join the campaign to stop the Heathrow runway, and become a landowner ;)

It's free to join and you'll be making a statement in support of real action to tackle climate change.


Airplot - i am an owner

Why i play poker

Why i play...
A lot of people don't understand my obsession with the game so i'll try to explain it a bit here.


The Convenient Solution

The Convenient Solution - Excerpt: A short film about climate change and energy [Greenpeace]

Apple's latest patent brilliance: the iGlove

An apple glove?......Really?
Apple's latest patent brilliance: the iGlove -
"Pull my finger" has a whole new meaning

Interesting letter from a squillionaire (well close enough)

An interesting article from a guy worth hundreds of millions from hedge funds. Not usually the kind of person i would take much note of as their view of the world is skewed from way up there in their ivory tower but he has some really insightful stuff to say.
In his final paragraph he rather interestingly calls for the legalisation of Hemp.
It’s a little hard to take given that this guy resigns with more money than the majority of people could even dream of but it’s a good read nevertheless. Perhaps this is the dawn of a new era after all :/


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