A collection of code i have created and adapted or improved.

For the moment it's not an exhaustive list. Most of the stuff i have written is not in a postable state but i'll keep at it so i can share it all :)


Munkiepus.com is now available on IPv6, now if only virgin media would get their finger out so that I don't need to use a 6in4 tunnel from home. That would be just fantastic.
ipv6 ready


Drupal Anti Spam

The most basic defence you can use is a captcha.

We currently use a text captcha on the site, if this is changed to an image captcha it may reduce the successfully submitted spam slightly. This is already installed on the site we would just activate the image capcha functionality. This would not incur any cost as it could be done under support but will have very little effectiveness as spam bots can learn how to negotiate these.


Updated torrentflux addon to work with firefox 3.5

I'm not sure when the maintainer of this extension will update the maximum firefox version allowed to be used with the torrentflux addon so i updated and tested the torrentflux addon for firefox to work with firefox 3.5.


It doesn't have any other improvements over the original 0.6 version. But it works with the latest firefox.


VNC Tunnel using ssh Expect script

Just a Little script i wrote to log on to a server and set up a ssh tunnel mapping a remote VNC port to your local machine. If the connection is refused the script will keep trying at increased intervals. To make the script work you need to create a credentials file and put the following in it: set username "yoursshusername" set passwd "yoursshpassword" Remember to chmod the credentials file, just in case, because the details are stored in plain text. You will need to edit the script to point at your credentials file and server name. #! /usr/bin/expect


Ajax load page to div avoiding race condition

How can you load multiple pieces of content into separate divs, much like frames but avoiding the javascript race condition. This was adapted from http://codesnippets.joyent.com/posts/show/602 The problem with the above snippet was that you could only make one ajax call at a time as the javascript used the global variable XMLHttpRequest. With help from http://www.the-art-of-web.com/javascript/ajax-race-condition/


Drupal World clock module update

Patch for the drupal world clock module. http://drupal.org/project/worldclock Applying this patch allows a series of clocks to be displayed in a horizontal row. Instead of a vertical table, this allows the world clock module to be used in content blocks with greater space efficency. As shown below. The patch also adds an option in the module configuration so horixontal or vertical display can be selected. this is known to work with the following versions.


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